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Blog March 2020 Updated May 2021

The value of the new AMCS Digital Training Tool for your business

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Simplify your onboarding process, speed up user adoption and ensure best practice use of applications.

Reduce the need to call support, read the instruction manual or ask a co-worker. The AMCS Digital Training Tool guides end-users step by step through key tasks and processes on AMCS Platform modules.  This is a supportive tool that drives efficiencies when onboarding staff and it continuously educates users in best-practice use of system applications.

The AMCS Digital Training Tool is now available with the 8.2 release of the AMCS Platform which was launched in February. Ensuring a faster time-to-value of new staff, and optimizing system adoption is supporting AMCS’ product strategy, a strategy focused on driving revenue growth, margin expansion, operational efficiency, and sustainability on behalf of customers.

Shorten the time-to-value of all new users

It is important for operators to get new users up and running on the system and to educate and train them correctly. The embedded digital training tool is a walk-me-through tool, guiding users step-by-step through the system assisting them to perform a task, suggesting where to click and where to navigate. It is shortening the time-to-value of all new users, creating huge time and cost savings when onboarding these users.  For enterprise or SMB clients this is, without doubt, positively impacting their bottom line.

Create efficiencies and ensure best-practice use of applications

The AMCS Digital Training Tool provides end-users with the opportunity to quickly and easily access information enabling them to efficiently execute their day-to-day tasks. For example, after opening up a record/starting a task for the first time users are given the option of taking a swift tour to gain insight and an overview of the record type/task they are working on.

This is machine learning. The system knows what the end-user is doing and suggests several possibilities to assist with their day-to-day work. With that, the Digital Training Tool ensures better use of the system and limits the number of input errors which drives operational efficiencies and reduces business and operational risk due to the fact the errors and system bad practices decrease considerably.

Using AMCS Platform’s embedded training tool provides a series of benefits. “It, for instance, ensures end-users adopt the system and its processes more easily, and faster”, Dáire Cronin, Product Manager at AMCS explains. “ It analyses how people are using the system to improve the best-practice use of applications. The system intelligently knows what task the end-user is working on and provides guidance for them to execute the task correctly”,

“For example, if a user is setting up a new customer for the first time, a pop-up shows up asking ‘Can I help you to add a new customer?’. After an affirmative answer, the user is presented with instructions and guided through the set-up of the new custom template. Or if a user wants to add a PO in the customer record the system recognizes this and the training tool will take the user straight to the location and walk them through how to do that too”

Reduce user errors and speed- up system adoption

The AMCS Digital Training Tool is supporting AMCS Platform users to perform day-to-day tasks to the best of their ability. It’s mitigating the need for extensive training, requesting assistance from supervisors and colleagues, and studying training manuals.

“A digital training tool is important both for existing and for new users of AMCS Platform”, says Cronin. “As customers are moving towards Platform it is essential for them to navigate the system as smoothly as possible to enable them to work more easily and faster with the system. The digital training tool enables customers to continuously train their users step-by-step, task by task.  Because the tool ensures better use of the system it also shows what is the most effective way to perform tasks".

“It brings value to our customer's business driving operational efficiencies and margin expansion by lowering the costs of training. In addition, operators can expect to reduce business and operational risk since human errors and system bad practices decrease considerably.”

The Digital Training Tool is a completely new functionality of the AMCS Platform and available with the latest 8.2 release.

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