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Blog November 2020 Updated July 2023

Recyclers streamline processes with an integrated ICT solution

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Evan Schwartz

Chief Enterprise Architect, AMCS Global

Price fluctuations and changing laws and regulations.

These are examples of the dynamics in the recycling sector for paper, plastic and metal. Flexibility is a precondition for recycling companies to maintain their margins in the mobility of the raw materials market, says Gerard Kissane, within the AMCS Group responsible for sales and business development in Spain and Portugal. Managing and forecasting the stock alone is not an option, according to him. "Paper, plastics and metal recyclers need to look at their day-to-day operations in a completely different way."

Link with international commodity markets

Real time insight into all processes. According to Kissane, this is essential for paper, plastics and metal recyclers to be able to respond to changing situations at any time. Based on data on inbound loads, sorting and inventory, companies can predict output, Kissane writes in his blog post. "The link with international commodity markets also indicates the potential value of the stock. Current data is centrally stored in one system and exchanged with other applications. All the information recyclers need is available in one place, enabling them to make informed business decisions, "Kissane said. " Because processes are streamlined in one system through centralisation, companies can work more efficiently. That saves work and time. The exchange of information is automatic. The one-time entry of data eliminates the need for verification, which reduces the chance of error. "According to Kissane, one central system has another important advantage. " Companies operate flexibly because they can react immediately when market trends and prices change. They no longer act on the basis of outdated information, but on the basis of current data. This allows companies to effectively and efficiently manage their recycling process from start to finish. "

Integrated total solution for recyclers

The integrated system described by Kissane offers a total solution. "Dynamic and based on Microsoft Azure. The system is designed for the materials sector by industry professionals. The ERP system can record hundreds of different material types for all materials. Whether it is paper, plastic or metal. It is an end-to-end solution that covers the entire recycling management process. From collection, weighing at product level, sorting, processing and sales. It also offers the option of contract management per customer, including recording the price agreements made per transaction. That puts an end to searching different databases for contracts, customer data and other information. Everything is available in the system at the touch of a button. Moreover, it is standard possible to generate management information in order to monitor transactions and, where necessary, make adjustments based on current information. "

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