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Blog December 2019 Updated July 2023

Interview Majid Arai, Holland Recycling

Weighing partial loads on own contract provides clarity

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Lara van Rijswijk

Lara van Rijswijk

Head of Marketing EMEA & ANZ

‘Weighing partial loads on own contract provides clarity

Holland Recycling can now benefit from the automatic processing of purchasing and sales orders thanks to the AMCS Recycling Software. The company, which specializes in metal and electronics recycling, has been in the process of digitalizing all of its logistics and administrative processes since early 2018. ‘We’ve recorded roughly 700 material types that we can weigh individually at scale level if multiple fractions come in on one truck,’ says general manager Majid Arai.

‘In the AMCS Recycling Software, we can designate a price for each fraction and then based on this, send a customer a credit note directly from the system for the delivered fractions.’

Recycling up to component level

Among other things, Holland Recycling specializes in data destruction and the collection and recycling of all types of electronics and hardware, such as adaptors, monitors, and laptops. Each year, the company recycles around 60,000 tonnes of metal and electronics to the component level and is one of the better-known recycling specialists in the Netherlands. Holland Recycling uses the industry-specific AMCS Recycling Software to establish contracts and price agreements, process orders, individually weigh partial loads at scale level, purchase and sell collected fractions, and track shipments, including customs documents and containers.

Contract and price agreements per load/partial load

For Arai, one of the major benefits of the system is contract management. ‘Because we can also make flexible price agreements, the system is specifically suited to trading activities. This enables us to do things like adjusting prices daily, for example, based on the London Metal Exchange daily price.’ He also values the option for generating management information. ‘Because of this, we have an ongoing overview of all transactions that allows us to make adjustments where necessary.’

Clarity on fractions, prices, and packaging

While Arai is talking at the office in Boxtel, a truck drives onto the weighbridge. ‘If it’s a single fraction, we can accept the load in one go. If there are several fractions on the truck, the truck is first weighed and then the fractions are weighed individually. The weighing inspector clicks on the transaction concerned to enter the weight. Immediately after that, the digital weighing slip is available in our system and linked to the relevant transaction. The paper version goes to the customer. With just a couple of clicks, the system generates the credit note that is then sent to the customer by email.

Contract monitoring essential for continuity

According to Arai, the advantage of this system is the ability to create a purchase or sales contract per transaction based on the framework agreements. ‘This means that a truck might end up carrying 30 partial loads with 30 contracts. As soon as a transaction is created, the contract also goes to the customers. This ensures clarity about matters such as the fraction, prices, and packaging, thus avoiding potential conflicts. It also helps to prevent errors; when you work with paper documentation, there’s always a greater risk of a clerical error. Another plus is that the system indicates when a contract is “full”; that is, for example, when the 150 tonnes agreed upon have been reached. We then contact the customer to arrange a new contract. This is a very important feature of the AMCS Recycling Software,’ he emphasizes. ‘This is at the heart of Holland Recycling and is an essential condition for our company’s continuity.’

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