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Blog July 2023

Digitalization of Purchase to Pay: Scale and Cash Office

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Gary Dietz

Gary Dietz

Product Marketing Manager - North America

With AMCS’s continued digital transformation of the Purchase to Pay process, AMCS is committed to providing operators with easy, low-cost payment methods, fast and auditable processing, and seamless workflow between invoicing, payment, and connections to a variety of third-party devices needed to document a materials transaction. Recyclers must identify and log individuals and vehicles delivering scrap metal and other materials. Regional authorities have increasingly strict and changing regulations when it comes to required accountability for operators to verify individuals and organizations who sell them scrap and other materials, often due to theft.

AMCS Platform Summer Release has evolved to continue to address this concern in ways that make it easier for operators.

The Challenge of Recycling Regulations and Payment Processes

Regulations can include requirements such as showing and copying an ID, taking fingerprints, recording signatures, logging vehicle information, taking photos and videos of materials or of the customers and vehicles themselves, and automatic holds on certain materials. Payment processing regulations and Maximum Cash Thresholds for metal recycling can range from cash transactions allowed to no cash transactions allowed to specific requirements for certain materials.

All regional authorities have some laws regarding this, and they can vary between different areas; regulations within the same region can even vary by recycled material type, as well. For example, all 50 US states have their own regulations against metal theft, and these vary enough that the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) has compiled a State Metals Theft Law Database to help recyclers navigate these changing and varied laws. The UK has banned cash payments altogether, and dealers who trade in cash will be met with fines.

Despite these regulations, many small-scale recyclers and waste and landfill operators still use a written log, store photos and videos as individual files, and pay individuals with cash or check. While this may seem like the easier option in the short-term, in the long-term, it is unreliable and time-consuming - especially if operators get audited! When large-scale operators use inconsistent logging and recording methods between different yards and operations, reconciling this information can be a daunting and tedious process. There is also a risk of fines and loss of license or reputation.

Digitalization of Scale and Cash Offices: An AMCS Solution

AMCS understands that operator needs vary regionally. With the Summer 2023 platform release, we have continued to evolve digitized seller authentication, compliance, and payment disbursement to better service operators of all sizes with one interactive platform that addresses purchase to pay end-to-end.


Purchase & Compliance: Whether you need to store photos, videos, signatures, fingerprints, IDs, or vehicle information, the AMCS platform allows you to tie any form or file type to a particular customer. This information can then be easily accessed through our dashboard and easy-to-use user interface. This real-time image and transaction capture ensures compliance and reduces date entry effort

Weigh at Scale: Seamless workflows between the scale and financial invoicing and payment processes ensures fast and auditable processing of all material purchases while reducing delays, data entry errors, and eliminating the need for complex and burdensome manual processes – and paper!

Inspect & Grade: AMCS Platform supports connections to a variety of third-party devices, including scale indicators, cameras, ID scanners (including the E-Seek ID scanner), signature pads, and payment terminals.

Confirm Grade, Price & Issue Supplier Bill: The cash office agent can modify the scale ticket before billing to reflect any exceptions such as quantity or material mismatches, with such changes being fully auditable to reduce the chance of employee fraud.

Make Payment & Issue Remittance: Recyclers can pay with cash, cash at an EZCash ATM, check, and Automatic Clearing House (ACH)-based payments. Disbursement payments are now embedded in the cash office workflow processes through our AMCS Pay solution. Integration to AMCS Pay adds new real-time digital payment channels for customers including paying to debit card, pre-paid credit cards, and a variety of digital wallets. These technologies provide lower cost and higher efficiency alternatives to cash and manual payments

New AMCS Pay digital disbursement channels allow operators to reduce the requirement to manage cash for supplier disbursements, reducing all the associated security /fraud risks and handling costs and making accounting and reconciliation much easier

What it all means to you

The AMCS Platform Summer 2023 release provides environmental service operators a more digitized workflow for purchase to pay, including easy to access and understand dashboards of clear, actionable, up-to-date insight into your business – so you can better focus on customer service and growth.

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