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Blog June 2021

AMCS, NEW digital ways to a cleaner world with our new, content-aware website

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Danielle Nierop

Online Marketing Manager

User experience

At AMCS, we are focused on using the most modern technology to operate effectively and efficiently, delivering the most relevant insights to help our customers add more business value. So, naturally, when it came time to revamp our website, we applied that same focus to make the content more accessible and useful for our customers.

Our new website has been modernized to provide users with the support and information they are looking for – right at their fingertips.

To make sure we can deliver the most relevant and personal content for visitors to the website, AMCS partnered with True People to implement Umbraco’s Content Management System. What that means for the user experience of our website is really rather exciting.

A peek of new functionality

Here’s a peek at some of the new content functionality this new Content Management System will provide:

  • Smart design helps to serve up the content that is most relevant to what visitors are looking for. The entire website has been segmented into specific markets and relevant content instead of a standard one-size-fits-all type of website. Visitors can tell the system which types of waste markets and topics they are interested in when entering the site and the smart algorithms will take the user directly to the content that is specific to that topic. No more wading through menus and fixed pages to finally find what you’re looking for. This smart design can also suggest other types of content that might be of interest, from webinars to downloadable whitepapers.
  • Easily search the site using a very user-friendly search function that allows users to type in just a few letters and see the search results on the same page. With the enormous amount of information available on the AMCS Group website, this is a real-time-saver for getting directly to the right information.
  • Popular content is automatically tracked by the system to ensure the most-read content is also presented to new visitors so that they can also benefit from information and answers to the most current trends in the waste management market.
  • Translation tools to automatically translate AMCS Group content into different languages allow us to provide content to our global customers in a way that’s most suitable for them. This faster way of translating means we can offer our content in more languages than ever before to better serve our international customers.

AMCS created AMCS Platform, an enterprise-grade cloud and software platform, using extensive knowledge and experience gained from the best practices of working with thousands of waste & recycling companies around the world. Inspired by global market trends and optimizing business processes, our enterprise software and SaaS solutions deliver digital innovation for the emerging circular economy.

The more we can help waste & recycling companies operate smarter and more efficiently by using AMCS Platform and with access to relevant, useful information on our new website, the more AMCS contributes to a cleaner world.

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