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DesertMicro Waste Management Software

Integrated software solutions to increase productivity in the waste management industry.

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Following the acquisition of DesertMicro in 2018, the DesertMicro websites were redirected into our AMCS Group website.

If you are a current DesertMicro customer and require Customer Support click here.

DesertMicro software has since been fully integrated into the AMCS Platform system, we no longer sell DesertMicro to new customers.

AMCS Platform is a scalable, cloud-based platform - purpose built to help waste and recycling companies minimize costs, embrace automation, and increase efficiency. Making it ideal for those interested in Dataset Waste Management software.

Effective enterprise management

AMCS Platform is a flexible software solution designed to support companies across the commercial, municipal, residential waste and recycling sectors.

Our scalable, cloud-based architecture is purpose built to help you operate more efficiently across all business processes including:

  • Transport
  • Weighbridge
  • Customer care
  • Invoicing
  • Collections
  • E-commerce
  • MRF processes

With increased digitalization and intelligent optimization, AMCS Platform helps you simplify daily processes and drive efficiency to grow your business and embrace new opportunities in the emerging circular economy.

It has been refreshing to work with a business that recognizes the need for transparency and has taken the time to understand our business. We have also valued the opportunity to draw on AMCS’s significant experience in the recycling and waste sector both in the UK and internationally. Digitalization is key to Viridor realizing its ambition of a ‘building a world where nothing goes to waste’ and we look forward to continuing this journey with AMCS.

Dominic Howson, CIO, Viridor Dominic Howson, CIO, Viridor

scale your business with performance sustainability

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AMCS Platform brochure

Discover how to operate smarter, more seamlessly, and more digitally. Resulting in an increase in profits, improved efficiency and lower costs.

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Digital ways to improve productivity

Designed to provide a seamless, end-to-end integrated solution, AMCS Platform enables you to build a secure enterprise management system for your business.

Combining cloud and IoT technology, our process driven platform offers smart solutions to increase digitalization.

Delivering real-time data for improved control and enhanced decision making across your operations.

AMCS Platform benefits for your business

Business Value Drivers

Grow your revenue

Improve your profit margins and explore new business opportunities with increased automation.

Grow your revenue
  • Attract new customers and sell more to existing customers with the AMCS online Customer Portal
  • Ensure you charge for all exceptions with automated solutions to identify contamination, wasted journeys, overfilled containers etc.
  • Adapt to explore new business opportunities in commercial, residential, specialist recycling, or junk clearance
  • Grow your business through acquisition using our scalable technology to bring new companies onboard easily

Reduce your costs

Optimize your business processes to reduce administration costs and minimize IT expenditure.

Reduce your costs
  • Automate key processes such as weighbridge, collections, or invoicing to reduce administration costs by over 20%
  • Reduce transport costs by over 10% with automated route planning
  • Divert calls from your customer service center with effective online and self-serve AMCS Pay solutions, reducing call volumes by as much as 30%
  • Reduce IT costs with a fixed cost cloud solution that protects from cyber attacks

Maximize your return on resources

Eliminate revenue leakage and improve your return on resources such as staff, containers, trucks and facilities.

Maximize your return on resources
  • Enjoy full visibility of your container assets to prevent loss, identify slow moving containers, or manage rentals
  • Increase driver productivity with a mobile application to simplify daily tasks, allowing drivers to access guided navigation, job information, or to record exceptions
  • Increase efficiency in your MRF or transfer station by connecting weighbridge processes with inspection, processing and outbound sales

Improve decision making with data-driven insights

Describe, predict, and improve performance with smart analytics software that provides valuable business insights.

With instant access to key information on all your processes, you are empowered to make better business decisions.

AMCS Platform provides deep, data-driven analytics with powerful, user-friendly reporting tools. Enabling waste operators to make the changes required to reduce costs, eliminate inefficiencies, and boost growth.

Enhance transport efficiency

Cut planning time and reduce fuel costs with the AMCS Transport Management System.

Designed to fully automate and optimize transport operations, our intuitive platform provides smart planning solutions for routes with complex demands.

Intuitive software helps you manage all aspects of transport implementation including rostering, dispatch, live tracking, route optimization, and driver management.

Helping you achieve lower mileage, improved customer satisfaction and reduced operational costs.

Future-proof your business

Accelerate growth with a cloud-based platform designed to help you embrace new opportunities.

For maximum flexibility, our scalable cloud-based platform can be accessed from a browser at any time, and on any device, ensuring staff can log in remotely with maximum cyber security.

Online e-commerce and self-serve solutions help grow your business with innovative functions that enhance customer satisfaction.

With a comprehensive roadmap and regular updates, AMCS equips your business for the digital age.

scale your business with performance sustainability

Get a demo

AMCS Platform brochure

Discover how to operate smarter, more seamlessly, and more digitally. Resulting in an increase in profits, improved efficiency and lower costs.

Download brochure

Exceed customer expectations

Delight your customers with integrated online ordering and payment solutions designed to increase choice, convenience, and security.

The AMCS Customer Portal is a secure SaaS solution purpose-built to streamline and simplify everyday customer requests.

Helping you automate interactions and maximize self-service to increase efficiency and reduce contact center costs.

Solutions for a circular economy

Enhance and develop your recycling business with a purpose-built solution to automate, connect, and digitize your processes.

AMCS Platform for Recycling is an integrated, end-to-end solution to connect your data, reduce your recycling costs, and boost your margins on every load.

With improved visibility and increased control, you are equipped to transform, track, and trade your way to greater profitability in the new circular economy.

Watch the video to learn more and download our brochure below.

AMCS Platform Solutions

AI material contamination & overfilled detection

AMCS Vision AI is an artificial intelligence-driven solution designed to digitize images of materials to identify contamination and provide operators with automated insights. Plus, reduces the risk of revenue leakage due to overfilled containers by automating image records of containers.

payment software

AMCS Pay enables your customers to pay for services quickly, 24/7, how they want to pay. From customer self-service to accounts payables and receivables.

customer service portal

A smooth-running customer service portal built to maximize self-service, boost customer satisfaction, and cut call center costs.

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scale your business with performance sustainability