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Intelligent Analytics Software Solution

Smart analytics software designed to provide valuable business insights. Helping waste and recycling operators to describe, predict, and improve performance.

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Intelligent Analytics Software Solution Overview IMPROVING YOUR BUSINESS PERFORMANCE

Delivering tools for profitability

AMCS Analytics software collates essential operational, financial, and performance data. Delivering key insights across your business to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer service.

With smart analytics and in-depth reporting our end-to-end platform helps you gather and interpret data from across your organization including collection operations, customer activity, transfer stations, and resource facilities.

Enabling waste and recycling operators to:

  • Optimize collection routes
  • Determine pricing strategies
  • Improve site efficiency
  • Identify growth opportunities

Backed by sector-specific expertise, our dedicated analytics specialists help you maximize the value of your data. Ensuring business intelligence is built into every AMCS solution.

With configurable data warehouse software and infinite reporting options, we empower waste and recycling operators to understand and manipulate their data.

Delivering enterprise-wide transparency and advanced decision-making tools to accelerate sustainability and facilitate growth in a competitive market.

Ready to see what AMCS can do for you?

AMCS Analytics empowers decision-makers to get “hands-on” with their data, filtering and manipulating it to reveal valuable insights.

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AMCS Analytics Brochure

Find out how AMCS Analytics can predict and improve business performance with unparalleled insight and advanced decision-making tools.

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Empowering waste and recycling operators to understand their data

Smart analytics software designed to provide valuable business insights. Helping waste and recycling operators to describe, predict, and improve performance. Watch our demo video to learn more.

Business Value Drivers


Business Digitalization

Digitize business processes to collect more data, providing enterprise-wide transparency and unparalleled insights.

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Business Digitalization

Combining industry-specific functionality, e-commerce ingenuity and on-vehicle technologies, AMCS digital solutions deliver the tools for end-to-end data collection.

AMCS Analytics helps you do more with that data. Delivering valuable business insight and in-depth reporting to help waste and recycling operators identify cost-savings and operational efficiencies.

  • Analyze financial, operational, and customer service data
  • Interrogate metrics, KPIs and analytics around route profitability
  • Understand your margins and determine pricing
  • Identify, accelerate, and monitor operational efficiencies

Process Optimization

Implement real-time process improvement with intelligent data analysis across all areas of business.

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Process Optimization

Our intelligent analytics solution gives you the tools to optimize processes for enhanced efficiency across all areas of your business.

AMCS Analytics helps waste and recycling providers establish unified metrics to easily understand and improve business performance.

Helping you compare and enhance performance across different lines of business, and across multiple depots, trucks, and collection sites.

  • Optimize collection routes and drive efficiency gains
  • Benefit from control and visibility of data and business performance
  • Achieve higher margins with decision support/tools
  • View trend data to understand past, current, and future behaviors

Responsive and Agile

Respond instantly to industry shifts and customer demand with intelligent analytics support.

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Responsive and Agile

Meet customer expectations and industry challenges with insight and agility to embrace new opportunities, create value, and boost sustainability.

Our intelligent analytics are built into the core architecture of our solutions, helping waste and recycling operators to deliver an efficient and profitable service.

With real-time optimization and smart data analysis tools, your decision-makers are empowered to make timely, informed decisions.

  • Respond swiftly to customer demands and exceptions
  • Implement operational changes for enhanced profitability
  • Enjoy transparent operation and real-time responsiveness

Make better decisions with improved analysis and precise reporting

Providing valuable business insight

Designed to help waste and recycling organizations make sense of operational data, AMCS Analytics adds value through intelligent data presentation.

With access to easily digestible information, waste operators are empowered to make timely, informed decisions. Helping you make the changes required to reduce costs, eliminate inefficiencies, and boost growth.

Intuitive analytics

AMCS Analytics makes it easy to manage large volumes of transactional data, helping you aggregate and de-normalize data using data cubes. Users can effortlessly create their own dashboards by modifying a core catalog of AMCS analytics or utilizing intuitive self-serve analysis elements.

Tailored dashboards

A catalog of role-based dashboards delivers tailored information focused on specific business areas. Choose job functions such as CEO, CFO, or plant operations manager to see relevant metrics, tailored to explore financial, operational, or customer service measurements.

Performance scorecards add further insight with relevant measurements for your line of business. From metal recycling to trash haulage, AMCS Analytics delivers intelligent performance evaluation.

Data visualization

AMCS Analytics delivers vital business intelligence through descriptive analytics to help you understand past, current, and future behaviors. Data visualization includes graphs, charts, lists, and trend data with multi-level drill downs to understand the detail behind the summaries.


27 - 29 Sep Event


Visit AMCS at WASTECON in Boston, MA.

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2023 Waste Haulers Summit

Visit AMCS at the Waste Haulers Summit in Austin, Texas.

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PPRC 2023

Visit AMCS at Paper and Plastics Recycling Conference in Chicago, Illinois.

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Ready to see what AMCS can do for you?

AMCS Analytics empowers decision-makers to get “hands-on” with their data, filtering and manipulating it to reveal valuable insights.

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Contact AMCS to discover how our software solutions can drive growth and sustainability in your business.

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