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Paper Recycling

Our Waste Management software has been purpose-built for paper recycling companies. It provides operation managers with an easy-to-use system covering the whole process.

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Understanding transportation impact

As a Paper recycler, you are tasked with procuring fiber, processing, and producing feedstock for the paper mill as efficiently as possible. From collecting recycled material from different suppliers, dealing with numerous sites, to dealing with transportation impact offers a challenge to effectively managing your supply costs. To assure that you are addressing these challenges, you need to have complete visibility of your operations. With AMCS platform, you can consolidate a wide range of data into one central repository. Powerful reporting capabilities allow you to easily configure the data, extract critical information and make important business decisions. From managing your scale house operations to creating standardized or custom pricing mechanisms, carrying out demand planning, or creating supplier contracts, AMCS offers standardization and consolidation.

Enterprise Management Solution:

1. Pricing & Contract Management
AMCS’ Enterprise Management Platform makes it easy to manage all your material suppliers, customers, and contracts from one database. Searching across multiple databases to find contracts, customers, and important account information is no longer an issue. Easily navigate one centralized database to quickly view and create new accounts and contracts. Create standardized pricing or create customized pricing structures based on account, material, volume, grade.

2. Inbound & Outbound Management
weigh suppliers' materials using AMCS scale house software, automatically entered into a centralized database. Buy-side management allows you to easily factor in volume, commodity pricing, and current inventory. Manage sell side from the same enterprise management solution. Understand costs associated with freight, and export, assure you are achieving your highest margin.

3. Material Grading
Determine the fair value of inbound materials and establish the destination for processing based on the grade of material. Use images to record grades and provide proof of quality. Eliminate discrepancies and obtain better material using visibility and master data.

4. Inventory Management
Capture and post inventory at the time of purchase. Understand precise quantities of different materials across your operation. Easily manage material across multiple locations. Eliminate human error and create optimized pricing based on current inventory.

5. Material Trading 
Minimize the cost of procuring, processing, and selling materials.

6. Billing and Financial Management
Powerful custom reporting capabilities. Quickly bill customers. Full Accounting module that pulls from one centralized database. AMCS’ Enterprise Management Solution allows for the consolidation of multiple systems, simplifying your business and saving you time and money.

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AMCS Platform for Fibre Recycling streamlines operational processes

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Quality counts - Raising the standard of fiber recycling

Demand for products made from recovered fiber continues to rise in the transition to a circular economy. Reprocessors need to source the right grades of material to meet this in a notoriously volatile market. To achieve this and make consistent finished products requires an efficient end-to-end process.

Recovered fiber market

According to McKinsey & Company, the estimated value of the global paper recycling market is set to grow from $37.5 billion (USD) in 2018 to over $56 billion by 2027. The declining demand for graphic papers and newsprint is more than offset by a greater appetite for card and paperboard.

As consumers push back against single-use plastics, a larger share of the recovered paper stream includes more paperboard food packaging in the expectation that this can be recycled.

We know that paper and card recycling has a problem with inconsistent quality. Since 2017 China, increasingly followed by other established markets in Asia, has responded to this by banning the import of mixed papers and setting tighter specifications on other grades. This has been a big factor in fluctuating prices for feedstock.

In the mix, is an expectation that sorters, merchants and domestic processors are capable of managing contamination and the changing composition of waste paper and card. To make the right decision when sourcing fiber means having the best possible information at your fingertips.

Recipe for success

The recovered fiber industry produces a wide range of products, from graphic papers and newsprint to the many forms of containerboard or paperboard, or tissue papers. Reprocessors have a specific ingredient list to make their recipe and deliver what customers expect. To do this requires sourcing the right balance of feedstock and coordinating the logistics with suppliers.

Our Enterprise Management (ERP) software has been purpose-built for paper recycling companies. It provides operation managers with an easy to use system covering the whole process. It links details and data points in the production schedule with the inventory.

The ability to build a demand plan for months ahead gives purchasing managers a clear picture of what to source based on existing stock. The AMCS platform supports the CRM and admin for each fiber supplier, creating purchase orders and delivery plans. It also links in contracted haulers as well as internal fleet capacity, ensuring input material is at the mill on time.

If you are a purchasing manager, in a volatile market you want to be able to take advantage of the moments when prices are low. Having a clear picture of the inventory, with a system that also monitors stock to manage risks of degradation, fire and process loss, means that it is possible to successfully make the most of these opportunities when the price is right.

Success Stories

Cascades Recovery+

# Employees


Founded in


Cascades, a Canadian company founded in 1964, recovers and re-uses resources, especially fiber from paper products, which then become the raw materials for some 500 packaging and tissue products that are composed mainly of recycled fiber.

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reduction of trucks by



Operating every day

Returpack is the biggest player in the Swedish deposit-refund market. They are responsible for the collection, administration and deposits for 2,700 stores around Sweden.

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Karle Recycling

# Employees




Karle Recycling is a medium sized disposal group with 200 employees. In their parent company Karle-Recycling deals with complete waste disposal, services, but mostly scrap metal. The AMCS/Recy solution is the heart of our operations and important for Karle Recycling. They improve all our processes in this solution.

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