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Intelligent Livestock Transportation Software Solutions

A responsive ERP solution to boost efficiency and improve animal welfare during livestock transport and delivery.

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Intelligent Livestock Transportation Software Solutions Overview Business Value Drivers Related solutions

Optimized for animal welfare

AMCS Livestock Planner delivers effective ERP and streamlined planning, optimized to reduce complexity during challenging livestock transportation processes.

Our cloud-based software simplifies demanding transport operations, providing complete visibility and control when delivering live cargo. Helping you increase efficiency and improve animal welfare by:

  • Reducing livestock time on trucks
  • Minimizing stress to animals
  • Increasing route flexibility
  • Improving disease control

From effective route mapping to real-time scheduling, our digital platform delivers valuable solutions in an industry with narrow margins.

Ensuring you have the tools to minimize the financial and welfare costs involved in livestock transportation by driving productivity and eliminating delays.

Tailored for flexibility


Our intelligent Livestock Planner supports efficient transport and delivery of live cargo with automated route planning and tailored scheduling solutions.

We help you manage the unique challenges of livestock handling, optimizing all types of livestock transportation to maximize flexibility and minimize welfare concerns.

Reduce time on trucks

  • AMCS Livestock Planner simplifies scheduling to reduce the time that animals spend on trucks.

Not only does this improve animal welfare, but by eliminating potential delays, we also help you minimize costly scheduling complications such as offloading animals for rest periods when travel time limits have been exceeded.

Accommodate changes

  • Incorporate last-minute route changes with real time optimization, making it easy to add additional farms to a collection or delivery schedule.

With responsive planning, schedules can be updated continuously to meet urgent transport demands. Helping you understand the potential impact of planning changes, including their cost and welfare implications.

Improve traceability

  • Ensure animals are fit and well with enhanced health grading and traceability information.


AMCS Livestock Planner helps you manage health certifications, many with a limited time window that can be impacted by transportation quality and efficiency. With built-in logic and sophisticated decision support, AMCS helps you transport animals in the right order to improve disease control.

Meet timing constraints

  • Easily manage tight collection windows dictated by animal growth.


Meet truck capacity restrictions and tight collection windows related to animal development. Full visibility and co-operative scheduling help you manage slaughterhouse constraints to avoid backlogs. Ensuring safe staffing levels and adequate unloading space to minimize animal stress.

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Industry Guide: Transporting Livestock

Read about the AMCS Solution for transporting Livestock to address efficiency and animal welfare.

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Business Value Drivers

Increase Profits

Meet tight collection and delivery schedules when transporting live cargo. Helping you avoid delays and increase profit in an industry with narrow margins.

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Increase Profits

Improve efficiency with real-time route optimization to cut costs, reduce mileage and minimize the time that animals spend in transit.

Streamline complex livestock transportation challenges to eliminate the cost of unexpected schedule changes including offloading animals at designated rest stations.

Effective optimization ensures constant route changes don’t increase animal stress. Helping you schedule collection or delivery stops to meet demand from breeders while improving animal welfare.

Scalable Architecture

Improve flexibility and grow your business with a solution tailored to meet cross-border regulations on livestock transport.

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Scalable Architecture

AMCS Livestock Planner supports efficient transport of live cargo with automated route planning and flexible scheduling solutions.

Designed to manage the exacting challenges of animal transportation, our solution is suitable for all types of livestock, helping you maximize responsiveness while improving traceability.

Capable of managing multiple time-sensitive health certifications for safe cross-border transport, our scalable and agile software will grow with your business while maximizing animal welfare.

Business Digitalization

Improve transport efficiency with purpose-built solutions designed to reduce planning complexity and improve disease control.

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Business Digitalization

Automated planning software helps you drive productivity and eliminate delays, accommodating last minute route changes in real-time as you add or change stops.

With one-click optimization both before and during route execution, you can sequence multiple stops while also allowing for constraints at the slaughterhouse or farm.

Vital documentation such as health certification can be shared digitally and recorded automatically for optimum traceability and disease control.

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Ready to see what AMCS can do for you?

Let AMCS show you how to optimize your operations for efficiency, increase profits and grow your business

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