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EDI and eBilling

The AMCS EDI component automates how you both send and receive invoices

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Utilizing a range of EDI standards such as X12 and EDIFACT, the EDI component allows quick and easy exchange of invoice data with third parties.

The EDI & e-Billing module removes the need to process paper invoices from suppliers and to send paper/email invoices to customers. Where the EDI system replaces paper processes, technology of this type has been shown to deliver cost savings of up to 80%.

Once configured to connect to your enterprise software, it supports transferring invoices by direct insertion/extraction, file transfer over FTP or upload, AS2, manual entry and email.

Sending Customer Invoices

Typically when working with large enterprise customers you will need to send them invoices in an electronic format. Our EDI component makes this much easier as it eliminates the need to create custom output files for each customer. Instead we extract your sales invoices, validate them and then then make them available to the customer in whichever format they want. This can range from custom CSV/Excel files to X12, EDIFACT and Tradacoms files.

The customer can configure their own EDI settings to receive invoices in a format and on a schedule that suits them best.

Receiving Supplier Invoices

Processing paper or email invoices from suppliers is slow and expensive. Very often, where invoices need to be manually keyed into a system, errors occur causing further expensive manual intervention.

The AMCS EDI component automates the handling of supplier and subcontractor invoices. These invoices are received electronically by our systems where they are validated and matched against jobs and/or POs. Only then are they released into your internal ERP.  This greatly reduces the processing effort.

Typical Benefits

Automating your invoice processing brings many benefits including:

  • Savings of 90% over paper processing costs
  • Improved cashflow: Get paid by customers 5 days earlier
  • Queried invoices reduced to under 2%

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The AMCS EDI component automates how you both send and receive invoices. Utilizing a range of EDI standards such as X12 and EDIFACT, the EDI component allows quick and easy exchange of invoice data with third parties.



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