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EDI and eBilling software

AMCS EDI and eBilling is purpose-built to digitize and automate invoicing operations.

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Paperless billing system

The AMCS EDI and E billing system automates the process of sending and receiving invoices to deliver significant efficiency gains over manual invoice handling.

Our E billing system is designed to provide a quick and convenient way to exchange data with both customers and suppliers. Our integrated solution will transform how you work with third parties, enabling waste and recycling operators to:

  • Reduce invoice processing costs by up to 90%
  • Get paid by customers 5 days earlier
  • Reduce queried invoices to under 2%

To facilitate rapid information exchange, our EDI and eBilling module utilizes a range of EDI standards including X12 and EDIFACT. Supporting seamless transfer of invoices by direct insertion or extraction, FTP file transfer, AS2, or email.

With digital solutions to automate invoice processing, AMCS EDI and E billing system helps you eliminate time-consuming data entry, reducing your reliance on paper invoices and optimizing invoice delivery and receipt to increase accuracy and enhance efficiency.

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webinar on demand: AMCS Platform overview

This webinar gives an introductory overview of AMCS Platform, the end-to-end cloud solution allowing for full visibility into your operations.

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Simplify data exchange

Improve the process of sending and receiving invoices with innovative EDI and eBilling software. Allowing you to:

  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Increase accounting accuracy
  • Minimize processing costs

With automated invoice handling, you can reduce time consuming paper processes to simplify eBilling and boost productivity.

AMCS EDI: Digitize for increased efficiency

The AMCS Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) module helps you exchange invoice data efficiently with both customers and suppliers.

Sending customer invoices

Work seamlessly with large enterprise customers by automatically sending invoices in the customer’s chosen format.

  • AMCS EDI extracts and validates sales invoice data which is available in a variety of formats including custom CSV/Excel files, X12, EDIFACT and Tradacoms files. For maximum convenience, customers can specify their preferred format and delivery schedule.

Receiving supplier invoices

Eliminate time consuming and error prone data entry by automating the receipt of supplier and subcontractor invoices.

  • Our EDI solution registers and validates invoice data which is then matched against individual jobs or purchase order numbers before being released into your ERP system. Processing invoices electronically minimizes manual data entry and reduces processing costs.


The Global Waste & Recycling Benchmark Report

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The Global Waste & Recycling Benchmark Report

Don’t miss out! Get access to expert analysis, survey results and industry trends.

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