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Demand Planning

Plan material supply to achieve optimum inventory levels

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Effective demand planning is about ensuring a continuous supply of material over a period to meet production needs.  It’s an equation, looking to match the supply with the demand and at the right time.

For recycling businesses, a high-functioning and supporting module is a necessity to support Planners in their day-to-day processes. The AMCS Demand Planning module, from AMCS Enterprise Management solution, supports Planners with automated and integrated workflows supporting each stage along the demand planning journey.

This is a move from manual, laborious and administrative tasks to a proactive and supporting tool that creates efficiencies, drives margin expansion and reduces the risk of a shortfall in material to support production requirements.

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Demand Planning Brochure

Learn how our Demand Planning solution automates workflows supporting at each stage along the demand planning journey. Improving overall operational efficiencies

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Module Highlights

  • Digitalise and automate the Demand Planning process
  • Improve inventory management with complete visibility into requirements, schedules and costs
  • Streamlined cost controls with real-time tracking and reporting
  • Risk mitigation with forecasting and scheduling
  • Supporting management with real-time data for informed decision making.

Example of Benefits

  • Improve productivity and streamline day-to-day processes
  • Reduce administrative tasks and time spent on planning
  • Reduce demand planning (operational) costs per euro of revenue
  • Analyse inventory profitability to support margin expansion
  • Reduce scale turnaround times and associated risks (financial, operational and H&S)



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Contract Management Brochure

Learn how our Contract Management solution will increase competitiveness, revenue, market share, and margin with superior contract management.

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