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Blog April 2023 Updated August 2023

What is AMCS Sample Pro?

The ultimate “blood test” for your assets

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Michael Boches

Head of Product - AMCS Utility Cloud

AMCS Sample Pro provides a turnkey solution to manage your oil condition monitoring program.

For operations and maintenance manager in heavy resource industries, prioritizing preventative maintenance activities helps keep equipment running and vehicles on the road. Oil condition monitoring is a preventative maintenance activity that can identify issues and assess the health your assets before critical issues arise. Oil analysis is like a blood test for your equipment, and can provide crucial information to help:

Sample Pro is a new offering from AMCS that will help you implement, standardize, and/or optimize your oil analysis program. Paired with other products in the AMCS portfolio, like Fleet Maintenance or Field Services, or as a standalone solution, Sample Pro can help surface critical issues before they cause a disruption to your operation.

How does it work?

Partnering with ExxonMobil, utilizing the Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis platform, we provide simple logistics, an easy-to-use interface for sample registration, and an action-oriented sample report to help your team keep ahead of critical issues. 

  1. Order Sampling Kits. Easy to order through the web interface or your account manager. If your operation has multiple sites, orders can be placed to each location.
  2. Build a sampling schedule. Oil analysis is most effective when samples are taken from the appropriate equipment at regularly scheduled intervals. The consistent collection of data allows you to establish a trend of equipment and lubricant performance.
  3. Pull and register samples. Sample at operating temperature from the same sampling point each time. Use the scan-and-go functionality of the app or print bottle labels to record details to improve data interpretation.
  4. Ship bottles to the lab. Secure your samples in the provided return packaging. Send immediately to ensure timely results.
  5. Receive results and take action. Results are available within two business days of the lab receiving the sample. The report contains all sample data and detailed recommendations on how to follow up.

How do I interpret the results?

The overall assessment focuses on three areas and results are summarized in an easy to read, color-coded sample report.

  1. Contamination:  Contamination is a primary cause of component wear or failure. It can come from external sources, system component wear or damage, or the component manufacturing process. Sample results will help identify the source and provide recommended actions to address the root cause. 
  2. Equipment condition: Oil analysis provides insights into the condition of your equipment and allows you to track performance over time. Regular sampling allows you to detect potential failures early, extend the life of your equipment, and satisfy equipment OEM warranty requirements.
  3. Lubricant condition: A lubricant performs a variety of functions, including friction control, wear protection and efficient power transmission. Maintaining the physical properties of the lubricant is important to extending the equipment’s reliability and the life of the lubricant.

The report assigns one of the following ratings to each field and comments are provided on the report to help identify potential problems, list possible causes, and recommend actions for follow-up.

Alert – Conditions exist that exceed acceptable limits or require corrective action. Steps should be taken to confirm and correct the condition.

Caution – Conditions are present that may require monitoring or diagnosis to minimize impact on equipment and lubricant performance.

Normal – Equipment, contamination, and lubricant conditions are within an acceptable range.

Results are available within two business days of the lab receiving the sample, with options to receive the pdf report via email and/or data sent to your maintenance system via API. If there is an alert on the sample, receiving results via API can automatically trigger a work order, further improving efficiency by eliminating the need to sift through individual reports.

Why do operations need to perform oil analysis?

The global macroeconomic environment has been especially challenging in recent times - certainly navigating the impact of the energy crisis and increasing inflation. These have been big challenges for our customers, manifested in rising costs, so customers need to be a lot more agile and adaptive to volatile environmental and economic conditions.

Vehicles and other industrial equipment or assets in heavy resource industries are subjected to harsh conditions. These operations take place in high dirt and dust environments, and those that require frequent starts and stops, high loads or speeds, and extreme temperature fluctuations. This takes a toll on engine oil and other lubricants, leading to degradation and contamination over time.

Left unchecked these issues lead to costly breakdowns and disruptions to operations. And, when unplanned outages occur, it may be days or weeks to obtain and install spare parts resulting in lost productivity, missed collections or deliveries, and a decrease in customer satisfaction.

By taking corrective action before these issues result in a breakdown, maintenance managers can help to reduce the risk of unexpected downtime and extend the life of the machinery.

By regularly monitoring the condition of the oil, managers can identify potential issues early on and take corrective action before they result in costly breakdowns or unexpected downtime. This can help to extend the life of your assets, reduce maintenance costs, and improve overall productivity.

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The AMCS Fleet Maintenance solution gives you comprehensive management of your fleet assets and all related areas. It empowers you to manage your equipment, employees, shops, and resources in real time — enabling you to unlock hidden productivity within your fleet and reach its cost-savings potential.

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