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Blog June 2023 Updated October 2023

From Railway Tracks to Digital Pathways: Insights from the AMCS Customer Event

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On the Right Track with AMCS Platform

Imagine standing on the platform of a bustling railway station, your eyes riveted by the intricate network of tracks converging and diverging, each leading to a different destination. Much like navigating these complex rail tracks, making a large-scale transition to a new enterprise solution can be a journey filled with challenges, but ultimately rewarding. Our recent AMCS customer event in Utrecht's Railway Museum served as the perfect backdrop to this metaphorical journey. 

The stories of two customers, who successfully made the transition to the AMCS Platform, shone as beacons of motivation. Van Munster Recyclers and Ortessa laid out their reasons for the transition, the challenges faced, and the benefits reaped, offering inspiration and advice for others contemplating the same journey towards digitization. 

It's not a journey you will take alone

Like the skilled conductor who navigates a network of rails, the team at AMCS guides your waste and recycling operations through the sometimes challenging, but always rewarding journey towards digitization. Our dedicated team is well-versed in legacy solutions like PieterBas, Clear, and AfvalRIS, but they are also seasoned experts when it comes to the AMCS Platform. 

All Aboard the AMCS Express

We know that transitioning to a new platform can feel overwhelming, but rest assured, we have a highly experienced and professional team at AMCS, committed to not only maintaining support for your current solutions, but guiding you smoothly onto the AMCS Platform.

With the help of Duco Poelman, our market owner, and a dedicated product team, we continuously evolve AMCS Platform to meet the unique needs of our Dutch customers, whether it’s compliance with Dutch waste and recycling regulations like LMA reporting or supporting EU VAT. Learn about our latest Summer Release.

Our commitment to ensuring a smooth transition for our customers is also reflected in Jeffry Pelk's work, responsible for overseeing seamless data migration processes. He provided invaluable insights on the best practices for data migration at the event (more on this later).

Once you hop aboard the AMCS train, our mission is to maximize the value you gain from your investments. With a large local team based in the Netherlands you can be assured to have the right support when you need it.

"We’re committed to delivering the highest level of customer support, ensuring you're never left hanging at the station." Maiko Kemper - Manager Support

Maiko Kemper, at the helm of our customer support, is passionately working towards propelling AMCS Customer Support to the highest level possible. Learn more about his vision for customer support here.

Our esteemed Customer Success team features the renowned Dutch duo, Natasja Verheijen and Mark Nijman. Well-known by many of our Dutch customers, they consistently strive to ensure that your progress remains on the right track. They are committed to ensure our customers extract maximum value from our solutions, successfully achieving their business goals.

"I know our customer base like the back of my hand. When spotting a container, I can instantly tell if it belongs to one of our customers." Natasja Verheijen - Customer Experience Manager

SIMAC Partnership: An Extra Wheel to Smooth the Ride

During the event we also  introduced our partnership with SIMAC BCI, which aims to further assure customers that we have ample resources to support their transition to AMCS Platform.

“Together, we provide a broad range of services that aid companies in leading the way in digital transformation within the waste industry. Our consultants work closely with AMCS customers to identify unique needs and provide customised solutions.” 

Platform for Innovation

We also briefly highlighted innovations in the industry. As Dennis Weseman articulated, technology can take us places we never imagined possible, and our Vision AI technology exemplifies this. From managing overfilled containers to detecting contamination, Vision AI is revolutionizing the waste and recycling industry. 

"Innovations in technology like Vision AI were the reasons that inspired me to join the tech industry 25 years ago after graduating." 

Success Stories: From Paper Clutter to Digital Transformation

Navigating through the tracks of digital transformation can be an intricate journey, and nothing paints the picture better than real-life success stories. We had the privilege of hearing from two speakers, Harold van Munster from Van Munster Recyclers and Frank Salens from the Ortessa Group. Both shed light on their transition journey to the AMCS Platform. From being buried under paperwork to enjoying a streamlined digital process on the AMCS Platform, their stories bear testament to the power of digital transformation. 

Van Munster Recyclers

Van Munster Recyclers, a family-owned business led by Harold and his brother Jan since 1998, is on a mission to revolutionize recycling industry. With their primary line of business, they collect, process, and trade massive amounts of paper, carton, plastics, metals, and wood derived from logistics, contributing to a sustainable future.

The company faced the challenge of managing its processes through multiple systems, which made data exchange and reporting complex.

After a rigorous assessment, the benefits of transitioning to the unified AMCS Platform became crystal clear. A unified web user interface, better document management, a single data source, and a single support desk were just the tip of the iceberg.

"Working within a single environment is simply better and more convenient," Harold explains. "It simplifies things by not having to manage two systems and makes for a user-friendly experience."

As with any significant business decision, there were crucial requirements that needed to be met. These included digitizing the receipt flow, handling orders within the driver cabin, integration with weighbridges, generating reports for customer KPIs, and more. The AMCS Platform delivered on all these fronts.

On managing a transition project, Harold emphasized the importance of a dedicated project manager, knowledge transfer to consultants during the transition, and a targeted data migration approach. He advised that:

"Every waste & recycling company operates in a unique way. Make sure you have internal people who truly understand the business to guide consultants through the implementation process."

Ortessa Group

Ortessa, a key player in the waste and recycling industry, also embarked on a transformative journey from traditional, paper-heavy operations to a dynamic, digitized system with the AMCS Platform. Before the transition, the company was struggling with managing numerous physical documents in their daily operations. Inefficiencies were piling up just like their mounds of paper, leading to a pressing need for digitization.

"The need to go digital was a no-brainer," said Frank Salens from Ortessa, emphasizing the urgent need to modernize.

Since moving to the AMCS Platform, Ortessa has significantly improved their operational efficiency and data management. Everything from customer and price management to route planning, mobile execution, and invoicing is now handled digitally. Furthermore, the AMCS Platform integrates seamlessly with Ortessa's financial system, AFAS, which has greatly streamlined their financial operations.

One standout benefit Ortessa derived from the AMCS Platform was the DataMart solution. Prior to the transition, the company was essentially navigating blindfolded, with minimal data-driven decision-making. The DataMart solution changed that, providing a wellspring of information and enhancing their understanding and decision-making processes in daily operations.

Frank Salens emphasized that their journey with the AMCS Platform was more a business project, rather than an IT project. The focus was not only on digitizing their operations but also on transforming business processes and boosting operational efficiencies. The transition led to the investment of in-depth knowledge within their own organization, enabling them to respond faster and independently to issues.

Frank also stressed the importance of data migration in their transition process. They invested significant time and resources into cleaning up their source data to ensure only relevant data migrated to the new system.

Overall, Ortessa's journey of transitioning to the AMCS Platform was marked by a transformation from a paper-intensive, inefficient operation to a streamlined, data-driven, and efficient digital system. This significant transition allowed Ortessa to stay ahead of industry demands, significantly improve their operational efficiency, and lay the groundwork for future growth.

Next stop: Data Migration

Data migration was a critical aspect of both Van Munster Recyclers and Ortessa's transition process. It's a complex, sensitive procedure that requires a deep understanding of the current system and the new environment. Our team at AMCS has a wealth of knowledge and resources to make this process smooth and efficient, using specialized tools and pre-made templates for various applications. These investments have enabled us to streamline the process, safeguard business continuity during the transition, and minimize any potential disruption.

AMCS Extend: Your Platform, Your Rules

Our event also touched upon AMCS Extend, a new offering that allows customers to customize their workflows and integrate third-party systems into the AMCS Platform. It offers a significant degree of flexibility and is designed to adapt the AMCS Platform to the specific needs and processes of each customer. This capability reinforces the AMCS Platform as not just a software product, but a complete platform for the waste and recycling industry.

Final Thoughts

As we recollect the highlights of this event, the key message underscored by the speakers was that the journey towards digitization is not without its difficulties, but the rewards are immense. Both customers emphasized the importance of:

Dedicated Change Management: Hiring a project manager and using internal resources who understand the business can significantly smoothen the transition.

Investing in Internal Knowledge: Invest in your internal knowledge organization to solve issues faster and independently. This will allow you to reap benefits over time.

Data Migration: while complex, is a critical process that requires careful planning and testing.

A business project: Transitioning to a new system is more of a business project than an IT project. Make sure to involve key players across all levels of the operation.

Stay updated: Stay updated with the latest releases to leverage the most advanced features of your software solution.

Don’t miss the train

The AMCS event at the Railway Museum in Utrecht was an amalgamation of learning, inspiration, and networking. It highlighted the crucial role of digitization in the waste and recycling industry. The honest and insightful accounts of the customers underlined the challenges in the path of digital transformation. However, their success stories demonstrated that with the right approach, support, and tools, these challenges can be overcome, leading to more efficient operations and significant growth.

Jump aboard with AMCS and ensure your journey to a greener, more sustainable, and more profitable future starts today. Your destination? A fully digitized, efficient, and adaptable waste and recycling operation that puts you in control.

eBook: Fast-Track Your Way to a Successful Software Implementation

This guide outlines the 6 steps in your implementation journey, each with specific objectives and deliverables to ensure a smooth transition.

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