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Blog January 2023 Updated July 2023

In addition to the AMCS software, the Support Department is now working in a circular way!

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As a software vendor, AMCS is aware of the importance of good cooperation with its end users. An essential part of this is the Customer Support department to be able to solve any incidents as good and as quickly as possible for the customer. In order to optimize this, AMCS has a new Dutch Support Manager in the European team, Maiko Kemper. We would like to introduce him based on his vision and ambitions for the service AMCS would like to keep improving for its customers.

The Ambition

Bring AMCS Customer Support to the highest level possible. How? By constantly striving together for the best possible customer experience. Maiko, as a Support Manager, therefore mainly focuses on connecting AMCS, support and the customer in the best possible way. For this it was important to first create unity and shared focus within all teams involved.

The Development

Next, he started looking at customer feedback. What exactly is in the survey results AMCS receives when it comes to support delivered? In these, two important things emerged that customers identified as areas for improvement: Better communication and Shorter timeline to solution for reported incidents.

Support cannot possibly address a question or problem properly without obtaining sufficient and accurate information to investigate a case. Communication, cooperation and knowledge are most important, both internally within AMCS and externally to our customers. Understanding what is requested, connecting the right actions to it and documenting it to the right solution group. He decided to optimize the support process by:

- Reporting all (technical) support questions through the AMCS Customer Portal.

- Emphasizing the intake of each customer request by collecting specific information.

   This is a shared responsibility of Customer and Support

- Better utilize information fields in the portal for more targeted communication and readability.

- Ownership: Tasks and responsibilities per support layer defined.

- Interpret and reproduce images at an early stage to best understand the problem.

- Document a unified description of all actions taken in each incident.

This adds value to customer experience and service delivery through the customer support portal

- Connecting the right support teams for accurate outcomes.

The Future

Implementing change always takes time because everything needs to be aligned. The aim is that all layers of support will communicate more efficiently internally and to the customer, enabling us to optimally manage customer expectations and improve turnaround times. In addition, we see that direct customer contact is at least as important. Maiko therefore regularly visits clients together with Natasja Verheijen and Bas Oosterheert to identify areas for improvement. These are taken on board and incorporated internally. Through bi-weekly meetings with the client, progress and improvements are discussed. In addition to our goals regarding the software itself, this also makes the support team agile and we can speak of a more circular approach compared to the past.

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