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Webinar on Demand: A Roadmap for Optimal Fleet Performance

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Have you been waiting for a fleet maintenance solution that doesn’t just support mobile, but was specifically designed to optimize the mobile experience? Meet AMCS Dossier Fleet Maintenance.

Watch the demo of our new AMCS Fleet Maintenance (formerly Dossier Systems) solution to learn how our mobile app optimizes technician and driver/operator workflows, improves data integrity and visibility, and accelerates productivity.


John Walborn

Fleet Management Sales Engineer, AMCS Group

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John has been in the automotive, parts management, shop management, and transportation industry for 23 years. After gaining 15 years of industry experience and being the system administrator and trainer at a Dossier customer, John joined Dossier Systems in 2015 as a Trainer. In 2017 John began his participation in the TMC of Tomorrow curriculum, and in 2020 John moved into the role of Fleet Management Consultant (FMC) at Dossier. During this time, John also took the exam to become certified in the NATMI professional training program. He completed his certification for "Certified Director of Maintenance/Equipment."

Dossier was acquired by AMCS in the fall of 2021 and John continued his role as a Fleet Management Consultant until September of 2022, when he transitioned to the role of Solutions Engineer. In his new role he assists customers and prospects to understand how AMCS Fleet Maintenance can optimize their fleet operations and deliver value to the business.

John Davis

Head of Delivery - Fleet Maintenance, AMCS Group

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John has worked in the fleet maintenance industry since 1983 and joined Dossier Systems (later acquired by AMCS) in 2005. He is responsible for the Fleet Management Consulting (FMC) group, an in-house team of former fleet managers who help AMCS Fleet Maintenance customers implement best practices and fleet management software. John’s team also helps users who want to improve their use of the software or get their operations to the next level. While most of his time is spent in the field working with customers, John also works closely with the AMCS Transport Product and Development teams to bring the daily real world user perspective to the product.

Webinar on Demand: A Roadmap for Optimal Fleet Performance

Watch Webinar On Demand Now

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