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Driver Assisted Terminal

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Facilitating unmanned weighbridge operations

The AMCS Driver Assisted Terminal (DAT) is a self-service optimal weighing experience that supports unmanned weighbridge operations, reduces operating costs and mitigates risk.

Ensuring an ‘always-open’ 24/7 weighbridge operation has its challenges, for example around resourcing, risk, compliance, security and financing. But enabling a 24/7 operation, while reducing the associated challenges, can accelerate your company’s top-line growth.

To support your business and enable an always-open business model we have developed the AMCS Driver Assisted Terminal (DAT). The AMCS DAT automates inbound and outbound weighbridge transactions at landfills, transfer stations, MRFs and other material-handling operations.

The system authenticates each driver through an RFID card, which grants access to and from the facility. The system automatically identifies the job the driver is assigned to and captures weight against the job. A ticket is provided at the time of weighing in and out as a proof of service. The centralised ERP system is then updated in real-time where the information is available for billing.

DAT Highlights:

  • Self-serve inbound & outbound transactions for schedule type operations, route commercial and domestic collections
  • Integrates to centralised ERP system for real-time data exchange with the driver
  • Integrates with multiple systems including RFID and scale indicators
  • Colour touch screen, large text and simple-to-understand prompts and screens facilitate and drive efficiency in operations


  • Enables an ‘always open’ weighbridge operation
  • Reduces reliance, risk and associated costs on resources
  • Increases scale and weighing efficiencies with faster processing times (7 seconds)
  • Enables faster and more efficient billing process through integrated systems

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Facilitating Unmanned Weighbridge Operations

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Facilitating Unmanned Weighbridge Operations

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