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Describe, predict, and improve business performance with unparalleled insights across your entire business.

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Get your business processes ready for the future

Operational, financial and performance data is key for our customers to enable them to determine the profitability of their services, operations, and customers. The end-to-end nature of the AMCS Platform gathers data on collection operations, customer activity, transfer stations and resource facilities to provide enterprise-wide transparency and in-depth reporting that is critical in identifying cost-savings and operational efficiencies. Our software and vehicle technology is designed to deliver maximum value to our customers and deliver data that can be used for optimizing collection routes, determining pricing strategies, managing site efficiencies in addition to identifying areas for expansion and growth.

Business Insights

So what are we going to do with all this end-to-end operational data? Dump it in a spreadsheet? Print out endless lists of weighings? Today’s recycling and waste management organizations need Business Intelligence, not lists. Analytics is the presentation of business data, in an easily consumed format, that enables users to make better and more timely decisions.

AMCS Group has dedicated Analytics specialists, whose job it is to enable our customers to lever the valuable data that our solutions provide. They ensure that readiness for BI is built into the core architecture of our solutions.

It is no longer the case that customers requiring BI need to engage with expensive IT consultants who do not understand the industry. AMCS BI specialists live and breathe the recycling and waste industry and can deliver a readily configured Data Warehouse for your AMCS solution, as the starting point for your analytics project.

This will empower decision makers to get “hands-on” with their data, filtering and manipulating it with familiar tools such as Microsoft Excel. Our customers can have an almost infinite number of reports.

Delivering the right information, to the right people, in the right format at the right time.

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The AMCS Analytics solution will empower decision-makers to get “hands-on” with their data, filtering and manipulating it with familiar tools.

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Learn more about how AMCS Analytics can predict and improve business performance with unparalleled insights

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Industry specific - Analytics

The information provided by AMCS Analytics is designed to provide the answers to the important questions asked by people in all key roles of your business. The information provided is also the essential information that your lines of business need. If you have recurring routes as a function of your operation, then metrics, KPI’s and analytics around route profitability and route efficiency are important to key roles in your organization for example. The right information with answers to the right questions for your lines of business is at the foundation of the design of AMCS Analytics.

Data Cubes - Aggregate and de-normalize data

Performance is a key tenant of the AMCS Analytics design. Large volumes of transactional data is sometimes the source for important analysis. AMCS Analytics employs the use of data cubes to aggregate and de-normalize data making it easier for users to create and modify dashboards and analytics. Reports and dashboards load fast and intuitively named elements are available for self-serve analysis or modifications to the existing core catalog of AMCS analytics.

Role Based Dashboards - KPI and metrics

CEO, CFO, Residential Operations Manager, Landfill Director, Plant Operations Manager are all examples of the types of roles included in the catalog of dashboards provided. Each dashboard provides a KPI and metrics view with analysis of a variety of focuses from financial to operational efficiency. Additionally, performance scorecards are provided in each area with relevant measurements for your lines of business. A balanced scorecard is provided to the CEO dashboard giving a financial, operational, and customer service perspective on key measurements for your lines of business. A balanced scorecard for a metal recycling operation will measure and report on different metrics than a balanced scorecard for a residential trash hauling operation.

Data Visualization and BI - Descriptive Analytics

AMCS Analytics currently provides descriptive analytics. It focuses on providing KPI’s and trend analysis on what has happened in the past. The visualizations provided are of a wide variety including graphs, charts, lists and trends with multi-level drill downs to the details behind the summaries. Visualizations are organized by departments and roles and ultimately linked to role based dashboards for each industry line of business.



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AMCS Analytics Brochure

Learn more about how AMCS Analytics can predict and improve business performance with unparalleled insights

Download brochure

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