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08 Apr 2019

AMCS Launches AMCS Customer Portal

Potentially Saving 30% in Call-Center Costs

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The Portal is built to streamline customer processes, increasing satisfaction by up to 33%.    

Limerick, Ireland, 8 April 2019: AMCS announced today the launch of the AMCS Customer Portal, a self-service portal for end-customers to manage their account. This secure SaaS solution enables waste and recycling operators to empower end-customers with account specific information and services, such as new customer sign-up, order requests, invoice management, payment processing and reporting tools. 

AMCS, creators of the AMCS Platform for the waste & recycling industry, has designed and developed the AMCS Customer Portal based on the needs of the industry and the increased demand for integrating business solutions and automating customer interactions. Benefits of automating customer interactions can lower call centre volumes, reducing costs associated by up to 30% (McKinsey report 2015), and increasing customer satisfaction by up to 33% (McKinsey, 2015) 

The Customer Portal offers three flexible delivery options: a branded portal delivered on designed templates; an enterprise option that includes a content management system for full customisation; lastly, widgets that can integrate an operator's current portal with the AMCS Enterprise Management solution. 

The Customer Portal is an add-on service to the AMCS Enterprise Management solution. It benefits internal organisational processes within customer service, daily workflow management and billing. Additionally, the portal supports finance, dispatch and CSR departments by automating workflows and processes within these functions, providing them increased efficiencies.   

Speaking at the launch, Morgan Lynch, Global Head of Digital Engagement, AMCS Group, commented“We are delighted to launch the AMCS Customer Portal, the latest addition to our portfolio of solutions. The portal brings next generation customer self-service to the Waste and Recycling industry. It’s a cloud-based solution that helps take the pressure off waste operators’ own customer services and call enter traffic”.  

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