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Blog November 2023

The AMCS Platform Winter 2023 Release

Continuing the customer-led evolution of the world’s leading Environmental Software Solution

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Gary Dietz Product Marketing Manager - North America

This is the first in a series of blog entries that explores the value AMCS can add to your growing business. Our release approach recognizes the importance of a secure, easy-to-use, cloud-first, extensible solution for a wide range of environmental customers. For more details, please download our Winter Highlights document below, or contact us for a consultation about your specific needs and questions.

An overview of the Winter 2023 Release

This release delivers value to our customers in four key thematic areas which are a logical and functional outgrowth of previous releases. These themes are:

Transforming transport

Transportation is the heartbeat of an environmental services organization. Smooth and safe execution delivers operational savings, higher margin, and sustainability. When smooth turns to rough it drives costs, impacts safety, and hits margins.

The AMCS Winter release brings transformed work centers, major enhancements to AMCS Fleet Maintenance with the launch of the Smart Safety mobile app, and a new telematics connector and carbon emissions calculator embedded in Route Planner.

Let’s briefly look at two of the new areas, the new Master Route Management work center and the new Transport Validation work center. More details are in upcoming blogs and in our Winter Highlights document.

Master Route (MR): A MR is a sequenced list of stops for a specific material (for example, Organic Waste) and vehicle type (for example, Front End Load) which reoccurs at a defined interval. Planners can periodically build master routes, add/delete new recurring visits to routes, and sequence visits on a route. The Winter 2023 release has:

Transport Validation work center (available in January 2024): This release, focusing on commercial route work, has been transformed in usability and clarity by taking advantage of the AMCS Platform user experience. This makes it easy to complete route validation and to identify and resolve exceptions, protecting against revenue leakage and enable drill-down into exceptions that require corrective action.

Other key transformations in transport that are discussed in the Winter Highlights Document and in more detail in upcoming blogs include:

Continuous Digital Transformation for Finance

Financial operation is the the lifeblood of an environmental services organization. Quick, accurate, and secure financial processes ensure savings, improved margins, quicker and improved cashflow, and can make or break the customer and vendor relationships that build your organzation. Without meeting modern expectations, you will be at a disadvantage. With the Winter 2023 release, The process of transforming the user experience with the Platform UX continues with new price automation innovations.

Innovations in this release include:

New Supplier Pricing Automation options. There is a new single standardized account concept for both customers and all types of suppliers. Suppliers can be sellers of material feedstock or provide transport, and third-party locations (destinations) for unloading (tipping) and processing. 

Previously, supplier pricing was managed by cost agreements. These have been replaced by our existing service agreements to provide more flexibility and automation, providing a range of new pricing options. They are discussed in the Winter Highlights Document and in upcoming blogs.

Other key finance transformation include:

Maximize speed of service at Scale

Materials acceptance and inspection can be the gatekeeper of a safe, profitable, and competitive environmental services organization. Quick, accurate, compliant, and trackable activities at the scale make or break your organization. 

Without meeting modern expectations, you can be at a disadvantage.

New material management features further digitize practices, improve service to suppliers, increase yard safety against dangerous materials, and ensure compliance with both environmental and anti-theft regulations.

With the Winter 2023 release, service at the scale is sped up and automated.

Material management is automated to improve material quality and compliance practices.

Smarter data-driven decisions

Accessing and analyzing data are the brainwaves of a thoughtful, insightful, and data driven business. Simple to access, easy to model, and simple to visualize data can only improve your organization.

This release provides support for the OData (Open Data Protocol) data access protocol for secure, standardized, and effortless access to AMCS Platform data. OData is an open protocol that seamlessly integrates into existing On-Site data warehouse initiatives and native aggregation across the customer’s global enterprise. It is comple-ments existing AMCS BI and Analytics tools such as the standard Reports Catalogue, embedded Self-Serve report writer and AMCS Data Mart.

Currently being piloted with select customers, OData will be on general release in early 2024 and it will form part of the AMCS REST API suite.

AMCS Platform Winter 2023 Release Highlights brochure

Discover the key feature highlights and business value drivers of the latest AMCS Platform release

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