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Blog June 2023

The AMCS Platform Summer 2023 Release:

Growing alongside your environmental services business—every step of the way

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Gary Dietz

Gary Dietz

Product Marketing Manager - North America

The AMCS Platform Summer 2023 Release demonstrates our continued commitment to digital transformation that drives increased productivity, efficiency, and profit margins of our environmental services customers.

What does digital transformation mean? It means continual customer-led growth and leveraging leading technologies in the AMCS Platform and its User Experience. The goal? To simplify, streamline, and automate processes to ensure you enjoy the highest levels of productivity, efficiency, and business performance.

It’s all about your business. One of the most exciting things about being part of AMCS is watching the AMCS Platform evolve to make it easier – and more profitable – for you to manage and grow your environmental service business.  Accelerating cashflow, implementing container management, and digitizing recycling are the themes of the AMCS Platform Summer 2023 Release. They are the results of listening to customers, solving things today, and preparing for tomorrow.

Helping you accelerate cashflow – Get paid faster

AMCS Platform gets you paid faster and with less effort, improving cashflow and your bottom line. All points in the workflow are addressed, from order management to fulfilment, charging, billing, collections, and payment.

Faster, more accurate, and more efficient than paper and manual processes. Each manual or disconnected step in the process adds time, cost, and the potential for error. In successive AMCS Platform releases, we’ve optimized and streamlined the order to cash cycle, adding automation to reduce manual effort and errors and increase speed, accuracy, and cashflow. The AMCS Platform Summer 2023 release automation evolution mostly focuses on the later stages of this process: invoicing, collections, and financials.


Refinements in batch generation. You can now fully automate the timing of the batch invoice generation process through the job scheduler.  This removes any need for manual intervention after initial workflow configuration.  The resulting process is now up to four times faster than earlier releases.

Refinements in collections. A revamped collection process provides higher levels of control and configurability of key delinquency reminder policies and procedures, including more automation of statement and reminder letter generation. This improves visibility over relevant customer communications and helps increase timely receipt of payments and integration into the general ledger.

Helping you grow sales and margin - Intelligent Asset and Resource Management

Your business has some enormous capital expenditures. Traditionally, they may not be tracked as well as your business demands. AMCS Platform Summer 2023 release has evolved to address this.

This release launches a new equipment inventory capability. Container loss, theft, damage, and efficient usage have a huge capital expense and opportunity cost impact when not addressed properly. It is designed to provide your team with real-time control and insight into all dimensions of container inventory. This ensures maximize revenue and margins from your container investment.

The AMCS Fleet Maintenance solution’s UI will be refreshed in July 2023. These exciting changes provide a more modern UX and deliver consistency with AMCS Platform. Users will now have consistency in look and feel when working in both Platform and Fleet Maintenance.

Digitalizing the Purchase to Pay process for recyclers to drive efficiency and compliance

By gaining control, visibility, and compliance on material purchases and supplier payments, you can make more money, stay within regulation, and be more competitive.  We digitized seller identification, regulatory compliance, and payments to boost your efficiency.

Modern payments mean lower cost and higher profit: Recyclers have an opportunity to migrate from common cash and check based payments to new automated digital payment channels, including paying to debit card, pre-paid credit cards, and a variety of digital wallets. This provides a lower cost alternative to cash and manual payment processes. You can reduce risk cash-on-hand, include industry standard ATM devices for those who require cash, and re-assign cash-management staff to higher-value activities.


But wait, there’s more!

Visit our website and connect with an AMCS representative to learn more about each of the Summer 2023 Releases discussed above. And this release does even more for you.  For example:

New Enhanced Capabilities for North American Municipal Market This release extends the capabilities for operators who work on behalf of municipalities and who bill residents directly (sometimes referred to as a Municipal Direct Subscriber model).

  • Residents can be assigned to a specific municipality to facilitate direct invoicing by the contracted operator which provides the waste services for the municipality.
  • The Cash Collections Management function allows review and bulk suspension of service for delinquent resident accounts.

New Customer Sustainability Dashboard A new Sustainability Dashboard on the AMCS Customer portal allows the sharing of insights and data points into customers recycling and waste management information for insights on where to improve practices. This Dashboard pulls its data from our existing LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Report, a widely used green building rating system.


Transformed Duty of Care (United Kingdom specific) A digitally transformed Duty of Care (DOC) process streamlines, simplifies, and automates the process of generating, delivering, and accepting this important annual compliance document for waste producers. This reduces the administrative burden and costs for operators who charge for this compliance reporting service.

Interactive Voice Response Support (Europe Specific) A new cloud based IVR (Integrated Voice Recognition) channel service supports self-service account balance inquiries and payment acceptance with full compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards.

Recurring Discount and Fee Enhancements This has been enhanced to add support for adding discounts and fees during customer onboarding. The order creation and job creation screens also display discount and fee details, including current discounts that apply.

AMCS Academy: Revolutionizing your learning!

You asked for training in a system that puts your education and experience first. Launching this July, the new AMCS Academy will do exactly that! The new AMCS Academy provides compelling and engaging training content complete. In fact, during our testing phase, we have seen a 20-fold increase in completion rates.

Learn more

Learn more about the host of other innovative new features and enhancements in the Summer 2023 release not specifically mentioned in this blog!  See the User Guides on the Customer Support Portal Link (requires log in) – or contact your AMCS Group representative for details.

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