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Blog May 2023 Updated August 2023

If You’re Not Continuously Improving Fleet Operations, You Are Falling Behind

You’ve left the whiteboard and Excel behind and have a Fleet Maintenance Management System (FMMS) in place. But costs keep rising and your trucks are some of the most complicated assets out there. How can you leverage your FMMS to get from good to great?

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In a world of hyper competition, increasing capital costs, and uncertain market conditions, the ability to get the most out of every asset and run a truck fleet with predictability is imperative. To this end, if businesses are not continuously improving their fleet operations, they’re falling behind. AMCS understands the challenges of running a successful fleet:

Utilizing AMCS Fleet Maintenance pays off.  Our solution gives you comprehensive management of your fleet assets and all related areas. It empowers you to manage your equipment, employees, shops, and resources in real time — enabling you to unlock hidden productivity within your fleet and reach its cost-savings potential.

Management Decision Support

Understand performance in all dimensions

Safety & Compliance

Improve Efficiency/Increase Availability

User Engagement

AMCS technology delivers end-to-end standardization, optimizing all your business processes and driving automation. Our smart digital solutions simplify complex resource distribution and streamline challenging logistics across waste, recycling, complex logistics, and utilities operations. Supporting clients across the globe to de-carbonize for a sustainable future.

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Fleet operation has never been more costly or complicated. The AMCS Fleet Maintenance solution simplifies fleet operations to plan, execute and track maintenance so you can operate a safe, compliant and cost effective fleet.


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