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Blog July 2023

AMCS Platform Summer Release and Vision AI

Artificial Intelligence is much more than ChatGPT and generative text.

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Gary Dietz

Product Marketing Manager - North America

With the recent popularization of ChatGPT, plenty of folks are weighing in on AI and its uses. Despite all the ink, there are many helpful AI uses that fly under the radar. One of them is helping environmental services organizations automate tasks that would otherwise be difficult or time-consuming for drivers and other staff.

AMCS Vision AI – Now fully integrated into AMCS Platform – with a new insight dashboard 

AMCS Vision AI is now fully integrated into the AMCS Platform, which means that overfill and contamination events recorded by Vision AI enter the platform workflow directly. In addition, a new Vision AI dashboard provides actionable, up-to-date insight on overfill and contamination trends and sources. The power is in the data.

The challenge: Overfill and Contamination in the Waste Industry 

Most waste haulers contain overfill and contamination clauses in their contracts. If customers try to add too much to their waste bins or put landfill waste in a recycle bin, then they can be charged. For smaller waste operators, it falls on the drivers to log these events. For larger companies that operate regionally or even across states, the task of linking these events to customers and logging them accurately seems close to impossible. Regardless of whether a waste collector is a small or large business, it’s a lot of work and difficult to do.

Using Vision AI to Automate and Tag These Events  

Detecting and logging overfill and contamination events can be assisted by using a visual AI system.  AMCS Vision AI detects and links these events to a specific customer and enables operators to charge them for overfilled containers or contamination. AMCS Vision AI makes detecting and logging these tasks easier and with less burden on drivers

Vision AI automates the collection of these overfill events, creating more billable events and increasing margins. It also logs these events with more accuracy, linking the event as it happens to a specific customer using GPS and allowing operators to see that customer, services, and fees. This gives you the opportunity to work and communicate with the customer directly not just with overage fees – perhaps certain customers are in need of bigger containers and can actually save money by switching to a bigger container versus paying overfill fees every month.  You’ll make those customers happier! 

Vision AI also gives operators an opportunity to better understand their customers. For example, if most restaurants in a touristy area continuously overfill their bins during the summertime, then maybe you can charge more to that customer cohort or conduct more frequent pick-ups during that season.

What it means to you

The AMCS Platform Summer 2023 release provides environmental service operators the Vision AI option, an AI solution to ensure tracking and linking overflow and contamination events. With this integration and a new Vision AI dashboard, AMCS simplifies work and can increase the revenue and margin of commercial waste & recycling collection companies worldwide.

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