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Webinar on Demand: What The Future Holds

Watch Webinar On Demand Now

Get ready for a new era for digitalization in waste management

For years you have depended on your current software solutions to support your business. We are proud to announce that the next generation for technology has arrived. The AMCS Platform is built with the expertise of our integrated teams and many other specialists from leading waste management solutions across the world. AMCS Platform is waste management software reimagined. It offers unparalleled functionality out-of-the-box and is suitable for any size of business. The AMCS Platform is cloud-based and is highly configurable to meet any of your business requirements.

Improving profitability
The AMCS Platform works for both frequency-based services and on-call services. It supports solutions that handle every area of your business: customer self-service and subcontractor portals, contract management, price-indexing, route planning and optimization, leveraging IoT devices, mobile in-cab solutions, accounts receivable and so much more.

AMCS Platform enables you to collect data in real time from these various resources, bring it all together, and analyze it to get a complete view of what’s happening in your operations. You can see where you’re leaking revenue, the profitability of each customer, and how you can reduce operating costs. You can increase customer satisfaction by up to 33%. Save on planning time by up to 75%. Reduce the number of miles driven, time spent on the road, save fuel and CO2 emissions by up to 25%. You can even reduce the number of vehicles you put on the road by up to 15%.

A smooth transition
AMCS Platform comes with pre-configured settings based on many years of experience and industry best-practices. Your team will enjoy working with the modern web-based UI and the built-in training capabilities will shorten learning time and will make them productive almost immediately. Because we know your solution inside-out, it makes onboarding easy. Your existing data can be formatted to migrate over to AMCS Platform. We are committed in helping you every step of the way to digitize your business. It’s what AMCS has done for hundreds of other waste management companies. 

Watch this webinar on demand. We will tell you all about the advantages of implementing the AMCS Platform and our proven approach to bring you over to a new era for digitalization in waste management. We will help you to bring your business forward and turn challenges in business opportunities for many years to come.  

The webinar will be presented by: 

Webinar on Demand: What The Future Holds

Watch Webinar On Demand Now

Contact AMCS to discover how our software solutions can drive growth and sustainability in your business.

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