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The Waste Haulers Summit 2023

Thank you for engaging with us while at The Waste Haulers Summit! We’ve curated some interesting material for you to explore and download.

AMCS – Driving innovation in the Waste and Recycling industries.

AMCS offers a portfolio of solutions from an end-to-end platform designed for the waste and recycling industry to safety monitoring and compliance software to fixed asset monitoring and maintenance. Combining modern innovative solutions with in-depth knowledge of the resources management and recycling industries across the world, AMCS is excited to partner with you.

A unique enterprise-grade cloud software platform for waste & recycling companies

AMCS Platform is designed to help waste and recycling companies increase efficiency, reduce costs, and embrace greater automation.

Our smart, scalable solutions support end-to-end optimization of all your business processes. Combining industry-specific functionality, e-commerce ingenuity and on-vehicle technologies for a flexible approach to boost productivity.

With an intelligent platform that predicts and actions in real-time, waste, resource management and recycling companies are equipped with the tools they need to accelerate business and sustainability goals.

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AMCS Platform Summer Release Webinar

Learn how the AMCS Platform can help you accelerate efficiency and profitability by connecting every aspect of your business. In this session, Chris Bohill, Waste Expert & Senior Engineer, will share a demonstration on how AMCS Platform:

  • Dramatically reduces paperwork
  • Adds employee and executive visibility with mobile access, simple user interfaces, and flexible reporting
  • Provides access to customer service in one place with easy onboarding and billing
  • Simplifies pricing set up – eliminates paper price books and flexible enough for any type of pricing / discount / surcharge model
  • Has powerful, automated invoice generation and a variety of ways for customers to pay with traditional and digital tools
  • Improved visibility and traceability of your containers

eBook: 6 Insider Secrets to Getting More CONTROL, More CUSTOMERS, and More CASH

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Waste and Recycling Resources:


AMCS Inspire webinar on demand: How Vision AI can transform your business


AMCS Waste Planner Brochure

Route planning and optimization for the waste & recycling industry

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