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AMCS Pay - Mobile Bill Presentment

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AMCS Pay - Mobile Bill Presentment Walkthrough

As part of our Spring Release , AMCS is launching two new self-service digital channels to allow end customers pay their bills securely and at their convenience; Mobile Bill Presentment and IVR.

AMCS Mobile Bill Presentment provides a convenient, seamless bill presentment, notification and payments experience via the native Google or Apple wallet on end customers smartphone. After a customer enrolls their device in the service all invoices and balances will be automatically pushed in a user-friendly format through their Android or iOS wallet. The service requires the customer to have a native Google or Apple wallet on their smartphone but otherwise it does not require them to download any separate app from any App Store.

Our Mobile Bill service is particularly valuable given a recent report that 35% of late payers have no particular reason for delaying payment (other than procrastination and forgetfulness) and this would indicate that this type of service could promote the necessary behavioral change by making it easy for them to pay their bills from their smart phone and using reminder notifications to pay before their due date.

For end customers, the benefits are as follows:

For service operators, the benefits are as follows:

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