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AMCS Field Services

AMCS Field Services solution helps utility customers make the jump from reactive to proactive maintenance, saving your utility significant money and downtime. Document your institutional knowledge to benefit your field team members, so that even when key staff retire or are not on duty, your team is prepared. AMCS Field Services allows you to prioritize the right work at the right time and automate key actions needed to keep your infrastructure working at peak performance. With AMCS Field Services you can:

  • Shift from reactive to proactive maintenance
  • Streamline data collection
  • Simplify Reporting

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AMCS Utility Billing Solution

The AMCS Utility Billing software solution is an integrated cloud-based contract and billing solution designed specifically for the utilities industry.

Utilities billing – whether electric, water, gas, A/C or telco - can be complex and you need a solution that is flexible and sophisticated to manage the specific needs of your operations. Our software was designed and built for the utilities industry. The robust billing and contracts management solution from AMCS was purpose-built to handle the complexities of an ever-changing utilities landscape. Some of our software features include:

  • Customer Information Management
  • Customer Portal
  • Billing Engine
  • Invoice Creation and Delivery
  • Ingest Meter Readings
  • Payments Options
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AMCS Customer Portal

With our intuitive customer portal technology, utility operators have the tools to automate routine tasks and maximize customer self-service. Resulting in:

  • Increased revenue
  • Reduced administration costs
  • Reduced call volumes

This scalable approach to online services helps you deliver better customer experiences, increasing satisfaction and loyalty while reducing the burden on your customer service department.

Fleet Maintenance

The AMCS Dossier Fleet Maintenance solution gives you comprehensive management of your fleet assets and all related areas. It empowers you to manage your equipment, employees, shops, and resources in real time — enabling you to unlock hidden productivity within your fleet and reach its cost-savings potential.


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