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Utility Cloud is now AMCS Field Services Software

A mobile-friendly solution to increase visibility and simplify fixed asset management.

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Following the acquisition of Utility Cloud in 2022, Utility Cloud’s solution for managing fixed asset infrastructure has been redeveloped into AMCS Field Services.

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For more information on our Field Services solution, this page provides details of our powerful asset management offering. Delivering a mobile-friendly solution to simplify fieldwork and boost productivity.

An agile solution for asset management

AMCS Field Services provides an effective, web-based solution to help you manage and maintain valuable fixed asset infrastructure. 

Formerly available through Utility Cloud prior to its acquisition by AMCS, this intuitive platform is purpose-built to boost productivity. Our mobile-friendly software encompasses full Utility Cloud functionality as well as innovative new tools such as SamplePro oil analysis.

Delivering powerful solutions engineered to simplify:

  • Field work
  • Inspections
  • Data collection
  • Scheduling
  • Reporting

Ideal for use in a variety of sectors, our configurable solution can be tailored to your organization, assets, and existing workflows. 

By providing increased operational transparency across both vertical and field-based assets, AMCS Field Services can help you cut costs and improve decision making. Supporting intelligent asset management in any industry.


Business Value Drivers

Proactive Maintenance

Shift from reactive to proactive maintenance, utilizing condition monitoring to assess asset priority and address risks before they become system failures.

Proactive Maintenance

Avoid compliance failure by creating custom alerts that trigger as issues arise. Combine this with risk-based scheduling and condition monitoring to ensure you always work on the highest priority assets. 

With a deep understanding of your infrastructure based on holistic condition ratings, AMCS Field Services equips you to plan cost-effective capital upgrades. As well as ensuring all maintenance work is timely and effectual to safeguard the smooth running of the utility services you provide.

Streamline Data Collection

Improve data collection and confidence to understand the health of your infrastructure. Helping you prioritize work, automate actions, and increase productivity.

Streamline Data Collection

Monitor the health of your assets with simpler, streamlined data collection including real-time data monitoring across people, machines, sensors and other enterprise systems.

Using dynamic routing AMCS Field Services helps you prioritize and assign field work to the assets that need it most. Utilizing effective sample management tracking and automated monitoring solutions to automate key actions and increase operator productivity.

Simplify Reporting

Intelligent reporting provides your team with increased visibility into field operations, generating operational insights and reducing non-compliance incidents.

Simplify Reporting

Improve data quality and generate custom reports tailored to meet the needs of your organization.

AMCS Field Services automates the completion and submission of compliance reports using the exact field data your crews collect. Helping you stay compliant with permits, procedures and regulations.

With instant access to data, you can improve operational transparency and generate insights for effective management.

Embed digital workflows

Reduce the impact of employee turnover by embedding custom digital workflows tailored to your standard operating procedures.

Embed digital workflows

Document institutional knowledge by creating digital workflows tailored to your standard operational procedures. Helping you consistently submit accurate reports that reduce health and safety risks.

With instant access to digital standard operating procedures (SOPs) and manuals, asset management expertise is retained regardless of staff turnover or retirement.

Eliminate rework

Prevent rework due to missing information and eliminate manual data entry for admin staff.

Eliminate rework

Automate data entry and simplify work in the field with a digital, mobile-friendly solution. Utilize digital SOPs to standardize complex work, eliminate bad data and minimize operator error.

With digital solutions for data capture and collection, AMCS Field Services reduces the opportunity for error and eliminates repetitive data entry as well as reducing rework due to missing information.

Connect data

Connect machines, sensors, and other systems for a holistic approach to asset maintenance. Helping you increase visibility into operations and improve infrastructure management.

Connect data

Get the full picture on all your assets by connecting machines, sensors, and monitoring equipment.

AMCS Field Services integrates with a variety of tools, utilizing a REST API that lets you create the custom machine, sensor, or app connections you need.

By breaking down data silos and increasing connectivity, we enable you to monitor, manage, and improve the health of your fixed infrastructure assets.

Simplify complex operations in any industry

With enhanced visibility and greater insight into field operations, AMCS Field Services simplifies complex operations so you can perform the right task, at the right time, for the right reasons.

With tools for proactive maintenance and simplified reporting, AMCS Field Services supports effective asset management in a host of sectors including:

AMCS Field Services for utilities brochure

Download our brochure to discover how to streamline asset management and compliance reporting.


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Field Services for Utilities

AMCS Field Services provides a flexible solution to streamline fixed asset management in the utilities industry.

Whether you manage utility operations in water, natural gas, electricity or telecoms, our solution optimizes maintenance tasks and simplifies compliance reporting. 

Converting inspection checklists into field-friendly applications that:

  • Gather data and insights across your operations
  • Record accurate measurements and real-time data
  • Eliminate legacy paper-based forms
  • Simplify sampling and compliance reporting

With streamlined field operations and enhanced sample management tracking, your team has essential visibility into infrastructure health.

Learn more about AMCS Field Services for Utilities here or download the brochure below.

Field Services for Waste and Recycling

Our powerful yet intuitive Field Services solution is ideal for waste and recycling organizations that rely on fixed assets to maintain their daily operations.

  • Effective data collection helps you assess the health of your assets
  • Condition-based scheduling enables proactive plant maintenance
  • Automated sample management monitors groundwater in landfill operations
  • Simplified reporting improves data quality and reduces non-compliance incidents

Combining features for fieldwork, inspections, scheduling and reporting, AMCS Field Services helps you deliver cost effective asset management across your organization.

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