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AMCS Platform 8.4

October 2020

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New solutions, app updates, user experience improvements, in-app digital training and the Salesforce Connector are here! Take advantage of new pricing capabilities to protect your margins, leverage the expansion of the AMCS Platform API’s, easily customize standard tickets and financial documents and much more.

For the third time in 2020 AMCS launches a major release of the AMCS Platform. AMCS Platform 8.4 delivers new features in email automation, enhanced pricing, GL configuration, easier customer onboarding and additional self-serve reporting. Furthermore, the AMCS Salesforce Connector now includes full quotations and pricing to enable an end to end customer onboarding experience. The latest Customer Portal extends self-service for account customer onboarding and multi-customer account management.

This release builds on the product strategy to enable agility with greater automation, streamlined user experience and enhanced integration and self-service capabilities to enable companies to gain significant efficiencies.

8.4 key highlights include:

Enterprise Management – Automation continues, Web UI expands

In the new release, we are announcing several new capabilities that will further drive automation and support the digitization of business processes. A major new feature in 8.4 is customer configurable email and SMS automation. This feature enables automated, pre-scheduled customer communications to proactively engage customers in areas like order confirmations or missed collections.

AMCS has also implemented several usability changes for the financial work centers in the AMCS Platform. The User Experience for the General Ledger screens is now enhanced as is the month-end period close.

New pricing enhancements protect margins

The AMCS Platform 8.4 release provides new pricing and charging structure enhancements to enable waste and recycling companies to further protect their margin.

With new pricing options, the industry can generate additional revenue from costly wasted journeys or when valuable assets like carts and bins are tied up at sites for extended periods of time.  The new inactivity rental options allow operators to define an inactive period for a bin or a cart and apply a per-day rental once the in-active period expires. Additionally, the new “unable to service” pricing option provides the ability to charge for missed collections for both routed and scheduled type work when the missed collection is designated as the customer's fault.

AMCS Analytics provides additional self-serve reporting

In Platform 8.4, new functionality in the Reports & Analytics Work Center enables Platform users to customize standard tickets and financial documents such as invoices, work orders and scale (scale house) tickets. There are also enhancements to the self-serve reporting data with new route, site, vehicle, and financial measures available.

Scale – Smart, intuitive flows for efficiency

We understand that efficiency on a scale is very important. New features include a smart weighing editor, preloaded pricing, pre-configured workflows and a quick search to reduce processing time for each scale transaction.

In-App Digital Training – For easy onboarding and a short time to value

We are committed to easy onboarding for new users of the AMCS Platform. We continue to enhance our in-app tools with new walk-throughs and visual cues to support real-time training and user adoption. With this release, over 90 walk-throughs are available across the Web-based work centers in Customer Service, Scale and Materials Management (Recycling).

AMCS Salesforce Connector – Seamless integration of AMCS Platform and Salesforce

AMCS is also announcing the release of the AMCS Salesforce Connector. This Connector makes it possible to manage your sales pipeline using real-time data to create quotations in Salesforce using AMCS Platform pricing and contract information and manage the order process end-to-end with a seamless user experience between Salesforce and the AMCS Platform

AMCS Connectivity – Re-enforcing open, standards-based Platform

In line with the company’s strategy to drive agility with open, standards-based architecture, AMCS launched the REST API framework earlier this year.  In the 8.4 release, we are releasing a large number of additional API’s including endpoints for weighing tickets, schedules, jobs, routes & route visits, supplier bills, costs, vehicles orders and containers. With this release, we now provide 80% coverage of the Enterprise Management solution with standard Restful API’s.

Customer Portal – driving further efficiencies and customer satisfaction

The latest Customer Portal further extends customer self-service efficiencies providing new functionality for simplified account customer onboarding and multi-customer account management.

Using their account number and most recent invoice number end-users can quickly and simply enable their online account and access the AMCS Customer Portal.

Furthermore, Platform 8.4 provides the possibility to manage multiple customer accounts - ideal for landlord managing multi-tenant buildings. Also, the new release enables quick and easy payments including “Pay-on-Request”, ACH bank transfers and credit card payments for the United States and Canada.

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