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Press release May 2019 Updated May 2022

Ragn-Sells and AMCS Group partner to enable intelligent fleet and logistics optimization

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When growth and environmental friendliness actually do go hand in hand

Ragn-Sells has selected AMCS Group as their logistics and transport planning partner to help them optimize their commercial, construction, and hazardous waste collections. AMCS and Ragn-Sells are currently working together on implementing AMCS’ fleet management solution at Ragn-Sells.

“After a thorough investigation of several transport optimization software vendors, AMCS’ solution proved to be the most fitting for Ragn-Sells operational needs”, says Vidar Svenning Olsen, Head of Group Function Operations at Ragn-Sells.

Ragn-Sells has an extensive logistics operation and network in place with ample opportunity for optimization, which would not only benefit the company in cutting costs but more importantly would benefit the environment by reducing their carbon footprint.

“Waste handling and transportation requires an extended way of planning compared to ordinary distribution and together with a smooth and user-friendly interface, we are happy to partner up with AMCS for the future”, continues Vidar Svenning Olsen, Ragn-Sells.

The chosen AMCS solution consists of a route planning module for pre-execution master route optimization, and an operational planning module for dynamic route optimization and route maintenance, ad-hoc orders, and real-time optimization with live monitoring, not to mention real-time ETA calculations. The solution also contains several smaller add-on components that will provide additional capabilities - a mobile solution for drivers, a web portal for the transporters, and a live GPS tracking portal.

AMCS is committed to helping waste management and recycling companies across the globe in reducing their carbon footprint by optimizing logistics and transport operations. By using software solutions such as intelligent route optimization, the waste and recycling industry can combine the circular economy agenda of today with their CSR and business goals of tomorrow. As Lasse Jiborn, Head of Intelligent Optimisation at AMCS commented:

“AMCS is excited to be working with Ragn-Sells towards a more efficient future with digital transformation and environmental friendliness. It’s crucial that major players such as Ragn-Sells lead the way in a waste management industry that has shown to be reluctant in the face of change.”

“Waste handling and transportation requires an extended way of planning compared to ordinary distribution and together with a smooth and user-friendly interface, we are happy to partner up with AMCS for the future”
Vidar Svenning Olsen - Head of Group Function Operations, Ragn-Sells

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