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Fleet Planner

Dynamic transport optimization, resource scheduling, incremental and real-time planning

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AMCS Fleet Planner is newest generation within transport optimisation systems. It is an operational, agile, incremental and real time driven enterprise solution. Our AMCS Fleet Planner is an outstanding tool for planning, optimizing and executing dynamic and real time based transport. The system is absolutely leading when it comes to handle transport situations where inbound, trunking and outbound transport is in scope.
The solution is a fully distributed solution that creates full transparency between planners and sites. The system is based on more than 30 years’ experience of developing route optimization systems. The system is with great success used at companies with complex enterprise demands.

Let us show you how route optimization can reduce mileage, driving time and CO2 emissions by 5-25%

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Contact AMCS to hear about our leading solution and how this can help your business thrive.

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