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Blog February 2020 Updated May 2022

Kaatsch Recycling has a 360 degree view with recycling software

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Martin Weper Metal Solution Expert

According to CEO Ralph Wager of the German company Kaatsch Recycling, continuously optimizing processes to offer customers the greatest possible added value is one of the key drivers behind the metal recycling company’s growth. A video produced by the AMCS Group shows that "smart software is an essential part of this. I am convinced that digital processes and digitization will give recycling companies a competitive edge. In fact, this has already been proven to be the case, and it is set to become even more important in the future."

Kaatsch Recycling

Being able to make continuous adjustments is crucial

Kaatsch Recycling in Plochingen, in the state of Baden-Württemberg, operates six sites where metal is processed into raw materials for the steel industry. Each year the company handles more than 240 million tonnes of steel, representing a turnover of around 160 million euros. ‘Although recycling in itself is not a complicated process, it does involve synchronizing several complex processes,’ says Wager. ‘For instance, we have to deal with buying fractions, separating the different types of metal arriving at the site, and the sale of raw materials. In order to continuously map all of these processes at the six locations, we use AMCS Recy, recycling software for the metal, plastics, and paper industries. This gives us a 360-degree view of the entire organization and lets us make constant adjustments.’ It soon becomes clear why this is important. ‘Scrap metal is not a standard product,’ says Wager. ‘Its composition varies each time, and prices are subject to daily fluctuations.’

Building competitive edges through digitization

Wager believes that in order to minimize risks, metal recyclers need a total system for "complete contract management, transaction administration, and to adjust prices on a daily basis." Kaatsch Recycling uses the AMCS Recycling Software in the office for the complete administration, as well as on-site for assessing and accepting the incoming fractions. Consequently, they know exactly which materials and quantities are involved. As incoming loads are being weighed, they are photographed and the images can subsequently be used to present to customers, should they have any queries or complaints. The AMCS Recycling Software also means the company can check things such as which material has been weighed and whether it is of the right quality. "The saying used to go: it’s big that eat the small. Nowadays, it’s the fast that eat the slow. To be fast, you need optimally functioning processes as well as smart software. You can only build on your competitive advantages if you have it in-house."

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