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Blog April 2019 Updated November 2021

Bringing 3rd Generation Optimisation to the Fleets of today

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Martijn Schimmer Intelligent Optimization Solution Advisor

Stay ahead. Increase competitive advantage. Digital evolution is a wake-up call for any organisation that hasn't understood the true potential to become more digitally involved and thereby enable all stakeholders to improve their processes from order to cash.

The inflexibility of a manual approach

When transport companies rely solely on a manual approach, planning and execution can be quite inflexible. Resulting in significant costs through missed deliveries, organisational stress when customers postpone pickups scheduled for today, or sales agreeing on a service day and time without consulting transport planners.

Most transport planning and optimisation systems are batch process driven. Being loosely integrated to general work-processes and IT systems. This means they often cannot optimise before receiving all orders. Or they cannot re-optimise plans live whilst executing routes. And information doesn’t move freely between different stakeholders: order-takers, customers, warehouse personnel and transport planners.

Going digital for Transport

Digital transformation is about enabling all stakeholders to improve their processes by digitalising paper based workflows. Implementing new technologies and intelligent software will be key to success in the future. Digital transformation is a challenge to many companies and is even considered a threat to some. The market leaders of tomorrow embrace new technology at an ever-increasing velocity. They will disrupt the road transport market. By fostering innovation and adopting new 3rd generation routing technologies, you’ll be ahead of the rest and become more successful in a world that is constantly changing.

The load less travelled

Making the move from manual routing and dispatch to automatic and digitalised route optimisation can help businesses improve asset utilisation, enhance customer service, reduce mileage and driving time, and lower their overall carbon footprint.

Evolution not revolution

AMCS is committed to helping its customers build digital business models on top of their existing systems. Using the intelligent AMCS optimisation platform, this combined approach makes businesses more agile and facilitates rapid change without existing data disruption. This means implementing new ideas and new strategies in days, not months or years.

Drive efficiency and agility with 3rd generation route optimisation

3rd generation optimisation is making transport businesses more efficient, agile, and customer-focused. Providing a level of agility that enables them to respond instantly and efficiently to customer demands, requests, exceptions, and changes in operation e.g. order-taking, changes to orders, route changes, ETA information, route validation and billing.

Running continuously in the background supporting business processes step by step. This is fully integrated with surrounding systems i.e. ERP, WMS, web portals, CRM, vehicle and equipment sensors and driver mobile solutions.

Whilst core planners work directly with the advanced user-interfaces of the core optimisation solution, other stakeholders like sales, customers, supervisors, drivers, subcontractors, and so on through web portals and apps are kept engaged with the process.

Why play catch-up tomorrow when you can get ahead today? This is 3rd generation route optimisation from AMCS Routing!

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