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A Guide to Mobile Workforce Management

Improving workforce productivity with enhanced connectivity solutions

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The evolution of connectivity

For many organizations, mobile connectivity in the field is essential to everyday work performance. The rapid evolution of mobile technology therefore creates opportunities for increased connectivity and productivity, especially for those with a mobile workforce.
Not long ago, mobile employees could only connect through the back office, either face-to-face, by phone, or by two-way radio. Such limited connection capabilities offered little support and minimal flexibility for those in the field, however, advances in consumer technology have paved the way for a new era of mobile connectivity. One that is changing the way people access information and complete work.
As a software development company, AMCS specializes in helping organizations to increase workforce efficiency and operations management. By working in collaboration with organizations across various industries, AMCS determines how best to increase mobile workforce efficiency based on existing resources and processes. We do this by implementing industry-specific solutions tailored to the environment your team faces.
No matter the industry, the benefits of placing mobile workforce connectivity at the heart of your operations management strategy are significant. For example, browser-accessible management systems and cloud-based solutions can provide valuable end-to-end visibility. With better, more accessible data and increased flexibility, your organization is better placed to adapt to future changes – be that new technology advances or updates to local, state or federal regulations.



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