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AMCS global survey on Digitalization in the Waste and Recycling industries

What is the impact of digital innovation on your organization

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What is the impact of digital innovation on your organization

More than 80% of participants believe that digital innovation is important for the success of the business. Outdated legacy IT systems, implementing paperless operations, and a culture that is not open to change is seen as the biggest barriers. For our Digital Transformation Barometer, we designed an international survey to discover how successful companies are using technology to radically improve their performance. What we found: there are five elements that are critical to digital success.

Benchmark findings

Some 60% of the organizations we surveyed gave themselves a grade of ‘unsatisfactory’ for their progress in the application of new technologies. Using the results of the research, we developed the Waste Management Digital Transformation Model to help organizations take the next steps toward making the digital transformation successful.

Interested in what your own next steps in the digital transformation might be? Download the benchmark rapport to find out!

How would your organization score on digital transformation?

Not yet taken part but curious to know how your own company would rank against others in the waste management and recycling industry? Take our 10-minute survey and find out! Simply fill out the questionnaire and, in the end, you will receive your personal benchmark comparison to the rest of the industry. It’s a perfect way to discover where there’s room for improvement!

How would your organization score on digital transformation?

Start the benchmark survey

Digital Transformation Study

The AMCS benchmark study investigates how organizations in waste and recycling use technology to improve their operations and adapt to change.

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More than half of the waste management and recycling organizations we surveyed for the AMCS Digital Transformation Benchmark 2018 were planning an increase in their IT budget in 2019. But where is the best place to apply that extra budget to get the most value in an organization’s digital transformation? A focus on these top digital solutions could provide the roadmap to digital transformation in 2019.

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