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Webinar on Demand: Overcoming Challenges in the EHS Field: Strategies for Success

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EHS managers play a crucial role in ensuring safe and healthy workplaces, building communities, and protecting the environment. This isn’t an easy job! EHS professionals face a variety of challenges in effectively carrying out these responsibilities.

In this webinar, we discuss the common challenges faced by EHS pros and explore management strategies for topics like compliance, stakeholder engagement, and digitalization. Some of the challenges we cover in this webinar:

We share practical insights from hundreds of implementations, and you’ll leave with tools for overcoming the challenges you face and a plan for achieving success with your EHS program.


Hugh Redford | Principal Pre-Sales Consultant | AMCS Quentic, NA

Hugh has spent the past 10 years focused on delivering value through B2B SaaS. He has worked in sales, value consulting, and strategy roles during that time helping solve complex business problems with software. Prior to his time in software, he helped launch a small energy company and worked in growth strategy consulting for Fortune Global 500 companies. When not on a computer he is with his family or in his workshop building, tinkering, and fixing.

Christin Kuntzsch | Customer Success Manager | AMCS Quentic, EMEA

Christin has spent nearly 5 years in the EHS Sector now. Being an international professional with a strong focus on customer support service, business development, account activation and consultative sales management. Spending 7 years in Paris, France and 5 years in London have helped her to gain an excellent understanding of global brands and broad experience of working across sectors, from manufacturers, producers  to renowned multinationals as well as on an international level. Christin is  team orientated, proactive and a dynamic lateral thinker.

Garrett Noonan | Account Executive, Mid-Market | AMCS Group North America

Webinar on Demand: Overcoming Challenges in the EHS Field - Strategies for Success

Watch Webinar On Demand Now

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