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Webinar On Demand: Building a Digital Customer Experience

Accelerate your digital strategy by automating everyday service interactions.

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How to transform to the digital and online world quickly

The Commercial & Industrial and Construction & Demolition waste industries are at the dawn of a new age. Old ways of working are no longer viable. The challenge is, how do you transform a traditional business to the digital and online world? Businesses and consumers want to improve their customer experience by interacting with their waste service providers online, at their own convenience, 24/7.

Watch this webinar on-demand about building a Digital Customer Experience

Presented by industry veteran Morgan Lynch of AMCS, the webinar will show you how to digitize your business using an out-of-the-box toolset included in the AMCS' Digital Engagement platform.

This powerful technology is a game-changer. It can accelerate your digital strategy by automating everyday service interactions. It will dramatically reduce call volumes, decrease call center operational costs and increase customer satisfaction while delivering a positive and professional brand experience to strengthen your customers’ trust in you.

You’ll learn the main solutions for building a rich customer experience, including a web portal for accepting and managing order bookings, view jobs, and weigh tickets. We'll show you the self-service tools to manage job requests using a mobile app.

The portal includes the ability to answer common queries such as balance or calendar inquiries in real-time. Where a customer might have traditionally made a phone call to get an answer, now they can ask the question directly themselves without any cost for the waste or recycling companies. This results in greater customer satisfaction at a lower cost

The customer portal drives added value, enabling operators to improve operational efficiency through integrated and automated processes. In addition to that, you can improve cash flow by enabling customers to pay more easily and quickly. Other important key drivers of the customer portal are also improved customer satisfaction through quality, real-time information and to support the digitization of the overall business.

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Building a Digital Customer Experience

How to transform to the digital and online world quickly

Watch On-Demand Webinar



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Building a Digital Customer Experience

How to transform to the digital and online world quickly

Watch On-Demand Webinar

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