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14 June 2021

Webinar on demand: Automatic stock replenishments in cement distribution

Watch this webinar on demand about automatic stock replenishments in cement distribution presented by AMCS, the leading solution for building materials transport planning.

Watch this webinar on-demand

This webinar covers other significant pain points in cement distribution that can also be addressed with smart technology and digitalization. One challenge is managing large orders on large contracts, which can be bulk and/or bag orders. Manual planning can be extremely demanding on your resources. You need to ensure profitability on the orders to protect your margins.

An important factor for cement producers, which can impact operational efficiency and margin expansion, is the use of external haulers. The management and communication with those third-party partners, as well as the tracking of orders and execution, is challenging to say the least when it traditionally means dealing with an overwhelming paper trail. It is possible to solve the problem while empowering your operation with smart software and enabling your external haulers to bring their own devices.

All this and more during this cement webinar. Join our industry experts as they introduce how intelligent optimization software can help overcome these challenges while expanding margins and excelling growth.

This webinar is part of our "Very Efficient Webinar" series, and will only take about 20 minutes.

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Webinar on demand: Automatic stock replenishments in cement distribution

Watch this webinar on-demand



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