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Webinar on demand: Automated planning for optimising slaughter animal transport

Watch this webinar on demand

Watch this webinar on-demand

Watch this webinar about slaughter animal transport optimisation presented by AMCS, the leading solution for livestock transport planning.

During the webinar, we will discuss how you can automate your transport planning of slaughter animals and align this to the production planning and capacity of slaughterhouses.  This way slaughterhouses can guarantee a steady inflow of animals, and optimize the end-to-end process from collecting the animals at one or more farms, schedule pick-up times, arrival times, and more.

Webinar Automated planning for optimising slaughter animal transport
Presented by the AMCS experts Jan Tønder and Mads Svantesson from the Intelligent Optimisation team of AMCS

There are many requirements for the transport of animals like EU regulations for reducing transport time, safety and wellbeing, logging and reporting. Also the number of animals a vehicle can contain depending on the different types of animals and the animals that can be transported together, need to be taken in account. Often farmers have requirements of their own too when their animals can be picked up. All of this affects the liberty for action in the transport planning. On top of all these requirements, the transports have to be economically feasible, which means maximizing the filling ratio and minimizing mileage.

By using the next-generation AMCS technology you can plan for the shortest possible time to transport livestock guaranteeing their health, wellbeing and safety.

AMCS’ innovative technology offers unprecedented possibilities even just-in-time planning for animals for slaughter animals transport. Due to the real-time data exchange, it provides the all-important possibility to react to unexpected changes in transport.

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Webinar on demand: Automated planning for optimising slaughter animal transport

Watch this webinar on-demand



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