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How vehicle technology enhances collections

Automate collection operations and improve driver management with innovative vehicle technology

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We are kicking off our fourth edition to the Timely Topics Webinar Series – Using Vehicle Technology to Automate Collection Operations and Improve Driver Management. This monthly series is designed to provide waste and recycling businesses with conversations around challenges in the industry and ways to overcome them.

Have you ever wanted to improve your driver management? While reducing the margin for error on collections and routes?  Or enjoy real office savings with real-time reporting and updates between office, driver, and vehicle? With vehicle technology you can have real-time visibility of vehicle, route, and collection progress. You can track vehicles using GPS, with a graphical representation of the actual route vs. scheduled route. And with the optional incorporation of RFID technology, you can validate, monitor, and optimize your collection! Real-time route and bin data and mobile devices dramatically simplify tracking trucks, identifying collections, and monitoring collection progress. AMCS Vehicle Technology enables you to reduce costs and helps eliminate revenue leakage in your collection operations.

During this webinar we will be focusing on:

  • Minimize handling time with real-time access and visibility to vehicle and service data
  • Identify and reduce missed pick-ups and driver recalls with real-time service verification
  • Improving driver and container management
  • Real-time reporting and updates between back-office, driver, and vehicle
  • Providing the ultimate proof of service
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