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Technology: Successfully Using it as the True Differentiator Between OK and Good Business

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Now more than ever technology can level the playing field, by capturing data and providing tools to assess data to make better, faster more successful decisions. But how that is done and where to apply technology to maximize success is nearly as confusing as to what technology to use – back office, front line, dispatch and routing are just a few options.

Join this candid conversation with industry leaders who are bringing affordable, useable technology to bare in solid waste.

Jimmy is a technology evangelist in the waste and recycling industry worldwide and a key influencer driving innovation and the direction of the market. His passion and knowledge are shown in his mission to maximize technology and business processes to create a cleaner world. Jimmy is a frequent speaker at key industry events and spotlighted in many industry media.
  • Michael E. Hoffmann (Moderator)
    Group Head Diversified Industrials and Managing Director, Equity Research - Stifel
  • Jason Gates - Chief Executive Officer - Compology
  • Girish Juneja - Senior Vice President & Chief Digital Officer - Dover Corporation

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Technology: Successfully Using it as the True Differentiator Between OK and Good Business

Watch On-Demand Webinar



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