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Sustainability in Transport: navigating emerging trends & ESG Regulations

Explore economic and environmental benefits

This webinar is no longer available. Please have a look at our overview for other interesting webinars.

How is sustainability transforming the Transport sector?

Discover EU & UK&I ESG regulations, tips to ensure compliance, and the economic and environmental benefits of sustainable practices!

Atso Andersen - Director ESG at Advisense, will also address challenges, opportunities and the latest regulations for specific sectors: Fuel Distribution, Livestock transportation, Complex Logistics and Building Materials transportation. 

Key webinar topics:

  1. Sustainability in Transport & Logistics. Challenges and Opportunities:
    - Discover ESG regulations and UK&I specific requirements, including insights on Fuel distribution, Building materials, Complex Logistics, and Livestock transportation.

    - See how Sustainability is changing the industry and the economic impact of a sustainable approach in Fuel Distribution, Complex Logistics and Livestock & Building materials transportation.

  2. Key Takeaways and Action Points:
    - Gain insights and actionable steps from our experts to reduce operational costs, enhance corporate reputation, and stay compliant.

  3. Q&A Session:
    Interactive session to answer your questions and provide further clarity on the topics discussed.
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Meet our Speakers

Atso Andersen

Director ESG, Advisense

Lasse Jiborn

Commercial Director Transport, AMCS Group



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