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Optimize collections with AMCS Route Planner

Reduce costs, minimize CO2 emissions, and improve customer service on your collection routes

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Improve the operational efficiency and sustainability of your business processes with AMCS Platform

Watch this on-demand webinar and learn more about the AMCS route optimization solution. With the AMCS route optimization solution you realize significant cost reductions and higher levels of customer service on your collection routes and your transport.

Powerful state-of-the-art solution to optimize master routes

Waste collectors can schedule thousands and thousands of orders into a new master route while processing extremely large data volumes for fine-grained planning with waste-specific planning requirements. This makes Route Planner a state-of-the-art system for very powerful optimization. The algorithms that calculate the route optimization at lightning speed have been specially developed for the waste industry, for both the collection of household and industrial waste.

The intelligent AMCS optimization platform brings great benefits.

Typical benefits realized by our customers are:

  • 5-25% reduction in CO2 emissions, kilometers traveled and driving time
  • 5-15% fewer vehicles
  • 25-75% less time on planning and administration
  • Significantly better customer service and collection accuracy

For more information about the AMCS Group, visit the website .

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