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Webinar On Demand: How UPS leveraged Transport Optimization

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​In this second webinar in our INSPIRE leadership series, we are hosting an exclusive Executive webinar about Transport Optimization.

Our guest speaker is Jack Levis, former UPS Senior Director of Industrial Engineering, responsible for developing a suite of their award-winning transport optimization solutions.
Jack led the development of ORION, a system that determines the most efficient delivery route for UPS drivers and has been called the world's largest operation research project. At the leader of a project that fundamentally challenged the status quo, Jack succeeded when everyone around said, 'stop', creating transformative breakthrough change for UPS, resulting in a reduction of 225 million miles driven each year and annual cost savings over $500M.  In addition, this solution represented a major enabler at UPS for digital transformation to launch new business models, products and services. 

This webinar will provide valuable insights into the UPS experience that relate directly to the business challenges and disruption that you, our customers, are facing each day, including:

About our presenter:

Jack Levis

Jack Levis, Senior Director, UPS - Retired, Independent Advisor

Jack Levis, Retired UPS Senior Director of Industrial Engineering, was responsible for the development of operational technology solutions.  These solutions required advanced analytics to reengineer processes, streamline the business, and maximize productivity.

Jack was the business owner and process designer for UPS’ Package Flow Technology suite of systems which includes its award-winning optimization, ORION (On Road Integrated Optimization and Navigation).  These tools have been a breakthrough change for UPS, resulting in a reduction of 225 million miles driven each year.

ORION alone is providing significant operational benefits to UPS and its customers.  UPS estimates that ORION alone is reducing costs by $500M to $600M per year.

Having earned his Bachelor of Arts in psychology, from California State University Northridge, Jack also holds a Master’s Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University.  He is a fellow of the Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences (INFORMS), receiving their prestigious Kimball Medal and the President’s Award.

Jack holds advisory council positions for multiple universities and associations, including the United States. Census Bureau Scientific Advisory Committee.

Webinar On Demand :How UPS leveraged Transport Optimization

Watch Webinar On Demand

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