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How UPS leveraged transport optimization

Discover how transport optimization delivered significant cost savings for UPS

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In this second webinar in our INSPIRE leadership series, we are hosting an exclusive Executive webinar about Transport Optimization.

Our guest speaker is Jack Levis, former UPS Senior Director of Industrial Engineering, responsible for developing a suite of their award-winning transport optimization solutions.
Jack led the development of ORION, a system that determines the most efficient delivery route for UPS drivers and has been called the world's largest operation research project. At the leader of a project that fundamentally challenged the status quo, Jack succeeded when everyone around said, 'stop', creating transformative breakthrough change for UPS, resulting in a reduction of 225 million miles driven each year and annual cost savings over $500M.  In addition, this solution represented a major enabler at UPS for digital transformation to launch new business models, products and services. 

This webinar will provide valuable insights into the UPS experience that relate directly to the business challenges and disruption that you, our customers, are facing each day, including:

  • How transport optimization can deliver significant savings in operational costs and carbon emissions while improving customer service and safety
  • How transport optimization can drive and support Digital Transformation to launch new business models, products and services
  • How to navigate the change management challenges to ensure the successful adoption of such transformational technologies
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