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How to choose the right EHS software

Learn how to select the right environmental, health & safety software for your organisation

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AMCS / Quentic Webinar: How to choose the right EHS software

OHS management involves complex rules, obligations, and actions. Learn what to look for in your EHS software to make your job easier – and how to find what’s best for you.

The right EHS software ensures you keep your workers – and your company – safe

Failure to enforce health & safety regulations is not only injurious to your employees, but can hurt your company too. In 2020/2021, UK waste companies were hit with an average fine of £232,000 per conviction.

In that time period, HSE inspectors issued a total of 191 notices to waste companies:

  • 73% were improvement notices
  • 27% were prohibition notices There were 7 prosecution cases led by HSE or, in Scotland, the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal7 where a verdict was reached in 2020/21, resulting in:
  • 86% with a conviction for at least one offence

Implementing the right EHS software streamlines the processes demanded by OHS and lightens your workload to ensure employee safety. How? Our webinar tells you all.

You’ll also learn how to determine what your actual requirements are so that you can avoid EHS solutions that do more – or less – than you need. Also, you’ll get the arguments you need to put forward to decision makers on why your company needs the right EHS software. The time is now.

HSE inspectors are launching a campaign to crack down on the waste industry to reduce the number of fatalities and injuries. You can’t afford to miss this webinar.

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