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Digitizing your customer experience

Reduce call volumes and increase customer convenience with digital customer service solutions

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In the first edition of the Timely Topics Webinar Series, AMCS speakers focused on how to create a digital customer experience. Michael Paladino, Customer Success Manager, led the discussion by defining the term digital customer engagement and introducing common challenges that many waste and recycling businesses face such as high customer call volumes, manual communications, and the lack of customer convenience when it comes to communicating with the business. By neglecting these challenges businesses are prone to high labour costs, time-consuming tasks, and a loss of business to competitors who offer some form of digital customer engagement.

After the stage was set, Amanda Chivil, Sales Engineer, gave attendees a peek at the AMCS Customer Portal. The AMCS Customer Portal is a self-service portal for end-customers to manage their account, place orders, and pay safely. This secure SaaS solution enables waste and recycling operators to empower end customers with account-specific information and services, such as new customer sign-up, order requests, invoice management, payment processing, and reporting tools. The customer portal has been designed and developed based on the needs of the industry. It is built to enhance and enrich customer engagement, automate interactions, and optimize industry processes.

Not only does the portal enable customers to place orders at their convenience, but it reduces call centre activity and the need to communicate with customers by email. With more re-openings occurring daily, more waste services will be requested. With a customer portal in place, your business can meet the increased demand for services in an efficient way through online orders.

At AMCS, we found that customers were able to reduce their call volumes by about 30% with the AMCS Customer Portal in place. Providing a user-friendly platform where new and existing customers can reach your business rather than picking up the phone will improve experiences and increase revenue.

Many of your customers interact with vendors in different industries daily. These vendors provide their customers with convivence by streamlining manual processes. Aside from digital engagement, digitizing documentation and account history with a customer portal allows businesses and customers to gain visibility on invoices and past services. Further contributing to becoming more environmentally cautious as providers reduce paper waste. Investing in technology to provide these features will make your business a dominant player in the market and advance relationships with customers as operations get simplified.

To finish the topic, Chris Bundock, Solution Consultant, guided attendees through the AMCS Pay feature connected to the AMCS Customer Portal. AMCS Pay is a comprehensive omnichannel payments solution that comes pre-integrated with AMCS Platform. The solution enhances the customers' payment experience and opens new automated payment streams to waste and recycling operators. With a convenient way for customers to pay, your business can now collect payments online at any time.

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