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AMCS Platform in Practice

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AMCS Platform in Practice

The AMCS Platform provides one stream of data that is visible from end to end, from the office to remote workers, from vehicle depots to drivers in trucks. Fine, but what does that mean in day-to-day operations?

Let Amanda Chivil show you how the Platform interface, its Customer Portal, and its reporting capabilities work in practice. The clean, advanced interface makes all the difference, to employees and to your customers. Take customer profiles, for example. Amanda demonstrates how easy it is to create a new profile and access all data using one screen.

Customers using the Customer Portal can access their accounts anytime from anywhere 24/7, place orders for services, or pay invoices using an easy-to-understand screen display.

When it comes to ensuring critical control of the business’s health, the Platform’s end-to-end data visibility and flexible reporting capabilities allow you to examine KPIs over time and leverage business intelligence to be ready to pivot with confidence.

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