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AMCS TMS - The Smart Transport Solution

Lasse Jiborn, Speaker
AMCS - Commercial Director of Intelligent Optimization 

Lasse Jiborn will be sharing highlights of the new AMCS Transport Management System (TMS), the Smart Transport Solution designed specifically for the waste and recycling industry.

TMS digitizes and automates all aspects of transport management -- from planning, rostering, and dispatching to monitoring execution -- with real-time insights into daily progress and productivity.

The Smart Transport Solution enables users to deliver newly-enhanced productivity with superior resource optimization, advanced operational visibility, and value-added customer service.

Join Lasse as he describes how TMS brings new, fully automated capabilities to the foundational functions of transport management:

Vehicle Technology Automates the Collection Process

Brian Mullally, Speaker
AMCS - Head of Vehicle Technology - Limerick, Ireland

Brian Mullally will be giving an overview of the AMCS Vehicle Technology Solution.

This state-of-the-art technology control costs by making onboard weighing, bin identification and waste collection easier and more efficient. The real-time route and bin data that is automatically collected simplifies the process of tracking trucks, identifying collections, and monitoring the collection process.

The Vehicle Technology solution increases visibility across your waste collection activities, and tracks all actions every step of the way, resulting in:

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The AMCS Intelligent Optimization solution optimizes hundreds of thousands of master route stops in one optimization, and second by second optimizes highly dynamic and real-time based routes.

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AMCS is proud to be a sponsor at Waste Today Webchats

Watch On-Demand Webinar



Smart waste collection based on forecasting algorithms and IoT

Optimise your business processes, productivity, efficiency and sustainability.


Sustainable waste collection in livable cities using forecasting algorithms


Webinar: The Power of Route Optimisation

Optimise your highly dynamic and real-time based routes. Gain insight into how to turn your complex routing plans into an on-demand streamlined process without the time consuming manual tasks.

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More efficiency, higher revenues. Request your demo now!

AMCS Vehicle Technology improves bin and container management. Our real-time route and bin data dramatically simplifies tracking trucks, identifies collections, and monitors the collection progress.

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