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AMCS Guided Navigation

Provide your drivers with the tools they need to increase efficiency and reduce wasted mileage

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Any Route, Any Driver; AMCS Guided Navigation   

AMCS’ Guided Navigation is a state-of-the-art navigation system designed for use in waste collection or street cleaning. The solution is combining technology with human experience. It helps you realise huge improvements in operational efficiency.

AMCS’ Guided Navigation provides the driver with a turn-by- turn navigation as they progress around the route, ensuring every segment is completed and that all collections are made.

Key commercial and environmental benefits, include:

  • Safety – voice instructions enable the driver to be fully focused on the road, whilst still being made aware of potential hazards.
  • Driver efficiency – in an industry with a high degree of driver churn and use of temporary labour, the additional guidance can enable drivers to ‘learn’ a route from day one, and remove the need for double manning of vehicles.
  • Customer Service – the system has been proven to significantly reduce the number of missed lifts. As well as improving the customer experience, each missed lift can cost the operator approximately €45.
  • Reduced fuel usage and emissions – ensuring the driver follows the optimum route reduces the likelihood of additional and unnecessary miles resulting from driver error or missed lifts.

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