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AMCS Vision AI: Automated Overfilled Container Management Video

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How AMCS Vision AI detects & manages overfilled containers

The automated and smarter way to detect, prevent and charge for overfilled containers. Overfilled containers are a constant challenge for haulers that include financial costs for haulage due to higher disposal costs, safety issues and environmental damage.

The AMCS Automated Overfilled Container Management solution reduces the risk of revenue leakage due to overfilled containers by automating image records of containers, measuring the amount of material that is above the top of the container, records the amount and provides evidence to engage with the owner and charge where necessary.

Watch the video or download the brochure below to learn more about AMCS Vision AI for automated overfilled container management.

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AMCS Automated Overfilled Container Management Brochure

Download our brochure to discover how AMCS Vision AI technology will help to detect, prevent and charge for overfilled containers.

Download Brochure

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