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AMCS Vision AI

AMCS Vision AI is our artificial intelligence driven, computer vision solution designed to digitize images of resource streams and service events to provide operators with automated and continuous insights.

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AMCS Vision AI Overview Benefits of Vision AI

What is AMCS Vision AI?

AMCS Vision AI is our artificial intelligence driven, computer vision solution designed to provide operators with automated and continuous insights across their operations.

It consists of an AI monitoring unit and recording device which can be fitted and integrated into a variety of assets including collection vehicles and MRF plant equipment.

This AMCS Vision AI unit records images and our Artificial Intelligence /Machine Learning engine automatically analyses them to detect target patterns (e.g., contamination, composition etc.) to provide alerts, insights and actions on the AMCS Platform portal.

How will AMCS Vision AI help my business?

There are a wide range of application of practical use cases including:

  • Automated Material Identification to identify contamination in recycling material and to link it to the waste producer.
  • Material composition analysis to understand the granular components of the resource stream being collected/or being processed at scale, loading bay, sorting line etc.
  • Service exceptions requiring follow up such as overloaded containers, blocked access etc.
  • Safety items such as hazards in the material stream, driver safety issues etc.

AMCS Vision AI Demo Video

Watch our demo video to see AMCS Vision AI in action including;

  • How to assign waste stream for inspection to collection vehicles
  • Scoring the contamination materials
  • Dashboards showing high-level contamination locations with associated scores and images of contamination

AMCS Automated Overfilled Container Management

The automated and smarter way to detect, prevent and charge for overfilled containers. Overfilled containers are a constant challenge for haulers that include financial costs for haulage due to higher disposal costs, safety issues and environmental damage.

The AMCS Automated Overfilled Container Management solution reduces the risk of revenue leakage due to overfilled containers by automating image records of containers, measuring the amount of material that is above the top of the container, records the amount and provides evidence to engage with the owner and charge where necessary.

Benefits of Vision AI


Low-cost automation of costly manual tasks. Increased quality of recycling material and sales price. Automatically bills for items.


Increases quality of material & reduces landfill contamination. Compliance with emerging legislation e.g., Extended Producer Responsibility.

Safety & Service

Records and generates alerts/actions for safety events e.g. gas canisters in collections, and service blockers such as overloaded containers.

AMCS Vision AI has provided us with great insight into the composition of the material that we are collecting. It is highly automated and provides insights to drive our decisions on improving the quality of our recyclate and providing valuable feedback to our customers to drive behavioural change.

Andrew Pellegrini, Operations Manager, PSSI (Peninsula Sanitary Service Inc.)

AMCS Automated Overfilled Container Management Brochure

Download our brochure to discover how AMCS Vision AI technology will help to detect, prevent and charge for overfilled containers.

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AMCS Automated Contamination Management Brochure

Learn how the AMCS Vision AI Automated Contamination Management solution provides a fully automated and smarter way to detect and prevent contamination.

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Featured article by Ken Tierney, Product Manager IoT at AMCS

Read more about AMCS Vision AI and how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will transform the world of recycling.

Featured in April 2022 issue of Waste Advantage Magazine. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are here to stay. They are already making a difference for recycling and waste management companies in the areas of automating a process to reduce cost, improve productivity, and/or increasing safety.

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